Do You Want a Tracker+?

yeah me too. they mined gold with that. Very few pieces of equipment have inspired me as much as that.
Up there with Cirklon, DX200, Nord G1 Modular and Octatrack for me

True, I was VERY late to the Polyend Tracker Family. I was holding off the inevitable really.

1.8 is an “off the chain” Firmware update. I really, really needed longer sampling time and the naming of patterns is essential for my work flow.

Final wishlist from me would be an option to choose pattern block colours andfor them to tweak out the bugs.

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Plus one! I want a tracker plus!

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Definitely, had the OG then sold it to get the Mini, which I really liked the grab instead my phone factor. But, the workflow I did not love. Took too long to make not so great music. Just stuff the Minis organs in big mamas body.

It think so too…

just signed up to say i’d be really interested in a full-sized tracker with stereo samples. i’ve previously owned 2 polyend trackers and the mono samples have been a deal breaker for me both times.
when the tracker mini was released i got kinda hyped, but i don’t see myself using it with that form factor.

edit: of course like everyone else i have a bucket list of extra features that i wished for back when i had the tracker (separate midi tracks!!!) but none of those are deal breakers for me. besides the lack of stereo sampling the tracker is fine basically.


If you really plan to make a Tracker+, please don’t make it USB powered. From what I’ve read and experienced myself with the Tracker is that an USB power input can cause unneccesary noise (humming/ hissing).

Rather use the USB connection for file sharing with a computer.

Cut the gimmicky NES emulator and focus on what the Tracker should be about maybe.

And keep improving the firmware is probably a no-brainer.


From my recollection, the NES emulator came with the 1.3 update that was released on Christmas Eve. There wasn’t really much development needed to implement it, and it was just a little extra that was added as a holiday present.


I’m all for a new tracker. I think it’d be nice to see support for Ableton Link, like the new MPCs. Don’t know how hard that’d be to implement.

The beauty of the Tracker is because of its format, concept and features. Please do not change it too much that it becomes something different from what it is. For me, i would ask you to keep it as it is, do not take anything away, but add a built in rechargable battery, stereo sampling and more memory for samples and projects. That’s all! Thank you.
BTW … the feature i LOVE LOVE LOVE more than anything on my Tracker is the radio, tons of fun!


i would love a upgraded version of the tracker in the original “big” format with all the soft keys etc

Synth engines
More sample memory
More step FX slots
High resolution OLED display and adjustable scaling as I’d prefer to see more on the screen when working with patterns and songs
Eight encoders under the screen buttons (would be great to control synth engines with them)
Velocity sensitive pads
Colored pads (patterns, instruments and FX could have assignable colors)
Buttons backlight like on the Ableton Push or Elektron Digitakt (it’s currently impossible to work in a dark environment)

A Tracker+ must minimally have feature parity with Dirtywave M8.

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Word, lol. I was part of the discount brigade about 6 months ago. :joy:
The unit came originally shipped with 1.6 firmware.

Two days after I got the MK3 Tracker they released the 1.7 firmware. I swiftly upgraded which mashed up my brand new machine. :sob:

I contacted Polyend GHQ, I was sent beta 1.7.1 which sorted out random crashing.

Fair play to Polyend, they have been very helpful.

So all systems are go now. 1.8 is the Dogs bollox and the machine is spitting our dome surly Drumfunk.

Take care mate,
have fun until the next firmware sends our shit sideways. :joy::joy:


Yeah they finally nailed it. Bravo Polyend

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I just ordered the Mini… so please don’t think about new devices in the near future. That would definitely not be good for my well-being. :pray:t3::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:

Also (yep, I’m replying to myself):

  • moar master FX like additional delay, chorus, etc
  • convolution reverb! As Tracker 2.0 will probably have a powerful processing unit it could handle convolution. Imagine loading up any impulse response you like so you’re not restricted to the algorithm implemented in the regular Reverb.