Announcing Tracker+

Without having seen this stated explicitly, I would assume so. The Tracker+ and the Tracker Mini are compatible Mini and I believe you can open an OG Tracker project on a Mini.

Are there still only 2 FX columns? For me personally that is the limitation #1 of the OG.

This honestly is quite amazing. Most of the new features I’m seeing are exactly what I wished for, especially the synth engines, stereo samples and addition of tracks. The last few years I’ve steadily started adding all kinds of devices to my Tracker to make up for things that I thought were lacking. Now I’m starting to feel that some of these purchases might become redundant sooner than I thought. :wink:

Two things I really do have to add. First, it blows my mind that all of these features will also be available to Mini owners. I bought the Mini for the thing that it was, and now I’ll be getting such an interstellar amount of added value that my brain is starting to melt.

Also, I’d just like to celebrate the fact that the Tracker is here to stay for years to come. I’ve always been somewhat scared that the Tracker might be too much of a niche product to stick around for very long, targeted at a tiny little group of musicians that click with this very specific workflow. Now that we have the Mini and the Plus, we know that Polyend is fully committed to keep breathing new life into the Tracker.

All in all: this Tracker+ announcement is the best news in music gear history. Thanks, Polyend! :heart:


I’ve only had my OG tracker for a couple months now. I’d be interested in an upgrade/trade-in program as I believe was done for the play+ or some other device. Until then I can’t justify dropping a bunch of money on a new model only 2 months after buying the old one. Please offer a trade-in program, or announce one if it’s already planned, and I’m in for one of these.


They won’t do an upgrade like they did with Play to Play+. Personally I doubt they’d do a trade-in too.

Any changes/additions to the list of available MIDI CC In mappings? Curious if I will want to update my Max4Live and TouchOSC control devices. Thanks Mitch.

I could do a thorough look through the current mappings tomorrow. Are there any particular changes you were anticipating? Or are you’re coming from the other spectrum where no change is good for compatibility.

EDIT; I use the Tracker’s CC’s FX lanes on a daily basis to send MIDI between my Hydrasynth and Monostation. To my eyes it looks identical, and loading OG Tracker projects on the Plus that use copious amounts of CC have no noticeable differences.

One thing that I think is really worth mentioning, is the cross compatibility between the Play+ and Tracker+ Synths. If you were a bit like me that loved the capabilities of the Play+ Synths but were a bit less than inspired to program a sound on the Play+, You could see the Tracker+ as a fully and capable editor for those synths, and save those patches on your Play+


Just to clarify, an update is not a possibility with the Tracker+.

Wow this is awesome! :star_struck:

Not at this time but it might be possible in the future

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Thanks but I’m referring to CC Inputs not CC Outputs. Would be cool to see some additions to this list at some point. But I have 2 different tracker control devices out in the wild… so also curious if there are things I am going to have to update for the users of those devices.


Yeah agree on CC inputs. I’d really like MUTE, REC(ARM), SOLO on/off buttons to work from my Korg Nanokontrol2 - anyone know if there a wish for this yet we can vote on?

Also with CC ouptut would be great to be able to write the name of the CC you are controlling and save within a project.


Yeah all those would be ideal. Curious if there will be CCs for the synths now too.

In my maxforlive control I managed to fake mutes by programming buttons that toggle the volume between its current value and zero. But would be ideal to just have dedicated mute etc CCs.

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Superb. Immediately sold my Original Tracker and purchased the Tracker +. I’d have done so for stereo sample support and nothing else. Being unable to use stereo loops was what held me back from wanting to do ‘serious’ work on the Tracker.

All the other additions are awesome, and so glad they preserved the radio. Would have been nice to have a microphone to record from but I guess that would cut into the Mini’s domain…


Is the Tracker+ display better than the original? I have the original and it’s really hard for me to work with it for long periods of time.

Just ordered the tracker plus. Super excited to get my hands on it. Will pair nicely with play plus and my Tempera granular. Blown away by the new features and functions. Bravo Polyend!


To my eyes it’s the same screen as the original and in the hardware upgrades mentioned in the Tracker+, the screen is not mentioned.

For me personally, the tracker has the most visible and flexible screen in the market. Works well in almost all lighting environments and is very easy on the eyes.


Will the Tracker Plus support multi-timbrality for MID-in at some point? That would be amazing considering the addition of the synth engines.

If you haven’t voted on it, go vote! :blush: