Announcing Tracker+

I hope so because I got finally after long waiting my hand on a tracker mini and now ho ho ho what we have here: the tracker +… Honestly I feel a bit ripped off by Polyend, also because I paid the full price of a new tracker + 799 eur and the mini price is no 150 EUR less :frowning:

Sorry, I’m really having a hard time to understand in what way you would feel ripped off. If I understand correctly, you got your hands on a Mini, and you bought a Tracker+
Could you explain a bit further what the issue is?

Well I decided to buy the mini because this was the better version of the original tracker, but i had ti give up the jogwheel for that. I waited like half a year after my order in april, I have it now for a few months, i love it but now the tracker plus is released with so much more to offer for the same price that i have paid the mini. So I really hope that the mini gets also
Updated with some of the new features ( iff possible) … ok I cant look in the future but if i knew a new tracker plus was coming i would have waited and not bought the mini. So yeah great for your company… but it feels not so great for me

I feel for you. Think it is a dilemma with all industries that release upgrades to their products and although I understand the timing can feel frustrating and can sting a bit personally, Polyend are doing good on asking the community if they were interested in a Tracker+ listened to what features people would like to see and followed through with a lot of requests. The sheer amount of positive feedback from this announcement has been really encouraging!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see if any official word comes from Polyend about updates to the Mini firmware :crossed_fingers:


So… a board swap upgrade option to turn an OG Tracker into a Tracker+ would be welcome here. Please let me know if you will consider this for your OG Tracker owners.



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It was confirmed earlier in this thread that this will not be an option.

Thanks for the response. I did read the thread, and there was a lot of discussion about play to play+ upgrades, which I know nothing about, and there were answers to question about upgrades from non-identified members (who is beautron! they have no tag like “moderator” so their response carries no weight to a new poster… no offense to beautron). I felt I needed to ask the question in a very specific way that hadn’t been stated before… “Can I order the board and replace it myself?”

I hope your answer understood the question. I will assume yes, and thanks for your patience in responding to my question.

Carpe diem

Tracker mini 2.0 will get synth engines and 8 more tracks of MIDI playback, everything in T+ will be in T mini.
Original Tracker will get 4 more MIDI tracks.


Making amazing new products and making older products that much more amazing!! :star_struck:


Waw really… that is great news! Thank you for your reply Mitch. And Thank you Polyend!! Looking forward to this update jeeeh.

I’m beautron :sunglasses:


Will this be the last update for the OG, or is it worth still making wishes in the wish list?

Just watch Mitch on Sonicstate. Nice to see Perc and midi perform coming to play +. Thank you.

Tracker + sounds juicy, not gonna lie! It’s that tracker workflow I’m not sure I’d grasp :grimacing:


Amazing job @Mitch!!


Great stuff guys :fire:

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I have a friend named Beautytron. :joy:

lmao :joy:

@Sandroid hit this one out of the park!!! What an incredible track :heart_eyes:


You are too kind @dan.lgrnd :heart:.
If anyone is interested or wants the project files for their Tracker+, let me know… and i’ll put it online somewhere.