Announcing Tracker+

anyone wanna buy my old bike? lol.

jk jk I’m sellin it locally.

as soon as I sell it I’m buyin tracker+ tho :grin:… any day now.

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I’ve been checking this thread daily to see when EU gets their shipments so I can gauge when we get our shipments in NA :laughing:

My God, 16 tracks of MIDI on the Tracker+ is :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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This is an incredible update. Another upside is that the OG Tracker is now so much more affordable for those who are on the fence about the tacker workflow.


Hey everyone, just a heads up, as the first orders should be receiving your units now - Those will have shipped without the PERC engine as they’ve been adding some finishing touches to it up until last week(including a synth engine mixer!) and it is still being beta tested, but you can install the firmware here - Tracker 1.0.1 Open Beta


Another wicked video of @Mitch showing off the Tracker+ at superbooth. Includes a nice demo of the PERC and the patch editing experience with the Plus :slight_smile:


Typical, I purchased the Tracker the week before Tracker+ dropped. Life can hit you hard sometimes :weary:

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Ah! good news then, so the Tracker I just purchased (a week before Tracker+ dropped) will actually get up to 12 Tracks in next update? That softens the blow :smiley:


If you bought it from a store you should be able to return it.

Bought on May 16th, sent from Poland on May 20th, arrived in France today (on a public holiday, mind you), that was really fast, impressive!

Build quality is very good, main encoder feels indeed sturdier than OG Tracker’s.
Arrows are a bit squeaky, hope it’ll even out with a bit of usage. Still on the fence about soft touch.

Overall, satisfied with the purchase, will continue using the Tracker+ as my main music production tool. Kind of curious what will be possible with + and OG together, using midi tracks to control one or the other.



Was wondering if it were possible to squeeze the wtfm engine into the original tracker?

Sorry, no synth engines will be possible in the original Tracker.
Also I got behind answering questions here, sorry if I didn’t respond. I’ll give answers in the next few days if someone hasn’t already.

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Hi Mitch,

I’ve been using a Mini since its release and use it daily (previously, I had the original model). I even created YouTube videos about it. I work in electronics and IT, focusing on front-end development.

Thanks to Eurorack, I’m proficient in soldering techniques and the often complex data transfer on DIY platforms like AVR and Arduino. I haven’t seen any advertisements on Ivi or Discord, but I would love to join the Beta test group if possible. It would be a pleasure for me to help you !

Hey @raphaelmaes and welcome to Backstage! :partying_face:

Here’s a link you might find of interest then:


Unfortunately my tracker plus Knob is faulty. Any help on this? I have to send it back I presume :frowning: thats’ pretty sad…

:sob: unfortunately not in my case. I have got 4 trackers in my life. I still have got 2 of them. Never Had a jog issue. Unfortunately the new Tracker+ knob is faulty in my case. It skips value (I mean with a single input goes 2 values forward or backward) and/or not move since a double physical input.

Sorry to hear that @acaposotta. Have you reached out to Polyend Support ?

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JUST realized also the 4th button is faulty, please see photo attached. Never had an issue before with old trackers… :frowning: I didi a video but cannot uplad it here. I contacted the support from my account but didn’t get yet any reply.

Most likely I’ll use the 45 days option, since I won’t like a “patched” machine, If they send me a new one is fair but this one is terrybly faulty…Maybe it’s a batch dont know. I opend the parcel yesterday night … So pissed off mate…

Happy to see you got a good unit. Enjoy it.


Imagine having all controls(encoder, buttons, combos) available to be controlled by an external device with MIDI CC.

Would be awesome!
I’ll create a wish for this, if there is demand for it