Announcing Tracker+

Tracker Remastered
Polyend is proud to introduce the Tracker+, a Stereo Sampler, 16-track Sequencer, Synthesizer, and Drum Machine all in one. The Tracker+ improves on the original Tracker in almost every way by adding USB audio, Stereo sampling and playback, Synthesizer and drum machine engines, 8 extra tracks of MIDI and synth engine sequencing, increased sample memory and more.

Synth Instruments
Tracker+ adds four high-quality synth engines exclusive to Polyend’s devices. Eight voices can be loaded per project into three synth instruments. Choose from four high-quality synth engines:

  • ACD™ - transports you back to the golden age of electronic music with its recreation of iconic single-oscillator monophonic analog synths
  • FAT™ - a powerhouse synth engine that epitomizes the lush, vintage warmth of classic analog synthesizers with three virtual analog oscillators, an intuitive drift and detune control.
  • VAP™ - Virtual Analog Polysynth, boasting a dual-oscillator architecture and a versatile modulation matrix.
  • WTFM™ - unique 2-operator FM synth engine that utilizes WaveTable-based oscillators driven by a 3x feedback system.

All-New Drum Machine
PERC is a unique drum synthesis machine that can be loaded into a synth instrument. It takes up 1 of the 8 synth voices but can simultaneously play back up to five unique drum sounds. Drums include a Kick, Tom, Snare, open and closed Hi-Hats, Cymbal, and Perc for each kit. Every drum is deeply tweakable with detailed control of parameters for each drum sound for a massive variety of drum tones.

Fast Synth Editing
Tracker+ adds a refined synth editor designed for fast patch editing. It uses the grid for quick access to different parameters and control of over 100 different synth parameters and multi-macros. Six multi-macros can be either sequenced or controlled in real-time via the instrument parameters page. Add Tracker’s classic Step FX to these synth sequences to compose dynamic and evolving synth patterns easily. Over 250 professional synth presets are included.

Expanded Sequencer and Song Mode
Tracker+ adds 8 additional MIDI/Synth tracks for 16 tracks total. The first eight tracks are universal and can sequence stereo sample-based instruments, MIDI, or Synth engines. Tracks 9-16 can sequence MIDI tracks or Synth and drum machine instruments. Synths can be resampled in stereo, saved, and loaded into sample instruments as well. Tracker’s advanced song mode has been expanded to accommodate all sixteen tracks.

Stereo Sampling and Playback
Tracker+ can sample in stereo or mono via the TRS audio input. Resampling of synths or samples, wavetables, the granular engine and all other playback modes are also now in stereo.

USB Functionality
Tracker+ gets advanced USB functionality with Audio over USB and USB mass storage. Conveniently manage your files on a computer over USB without removing the SD card. Record multitrack audio with 14 tracks of audio over USB sent directly to your DAW. USB Audio Tracks include one master track, eight stereo sample tracks, one track per synth engine, and delay and reverb effect sends.

Hardware Upgrades
The hardware has been upgraded with faster processing, increased memory for around eleven minutes of mono or five minutes of stereo sampling, new soft-touch mechanical buttons, and a refined jog wheel.

Tracker Mini Compatibility

With the coming Tracker Mini 2.0 update, Tracker Mini will receive feature parity with Tracker+. Tracker+ projects will be completely compatible with Tracker Mini, record a sketch on your Tracker Mini and finish it on Tracker+. Tracker Mini 2.0 will arrive this summer.

Everything from the Original Tracker

All the classic Tracker features remain in Tracker+, including:

  • Sequencer with up to 128 steps per track and 256 patterns per song, now with unlimited projects
  • 48 x multifunctional Backlit Silicone Pads and Jog-wheel
  • Various sampling modes: 1-shot, Forward, Backward, Ping-pong, Automatic Slicing (manual/automatic), Sample Editor, Sample Recorder (Mono/Stereo)
  • Built-in FM radio for sample recording
  • Per-track effects: Volume, Tuning, Panning, Resonant Filters, Delay and Reverb Sends, ADSRs, LFOs, Overdrive, Normalizer, Reverse, Overdrive, Delay, Bitcrusher, Chorus, Flanger, 3-band EQ, Compressor, WT Smoother, Timestretch and many more
  • An advanced fill mode with many algorithms from Random to Euclidean and Musical scales to step FX
  • Versatile performance mode with customizable effects: Volume, Panning, Tune, Low-pass cutoff, High-pass cutoff, Band-pass cutoff, Delay send, Reverb send, Sample position, Sample end, Sample playback, Colume LFO Speed, Panning LFO Speed, Finetune LFO Speed, Filter LFO Speed, Granular, Wavetavle LFO Speed, Step repeater, Pattern play mode, Pattern length, Bit Depth, Overdrive
  • Large 7-inch display for comfortable work and performance

Price and availability

Tracker+ is available to order now directly from the Polyend Online Store and through selected Polyend Dealers. Shipping starts now.

Price is $/€ 799

Online orders are entitled to free worldwide shipping and 45 days to try at home. Details are available on the website: Free Shipping & Try at home • Polyend.


I’ll try to answer questions when I can but a lot of our team is now in route to Berlin, so sorry for the slow responses in advance!

On a personal note: I’m really happy with this device, and find the upgrades make it everything I want in a groovebox.


New tracker+’s features look amazing upgrade!
Will tracker mini 2.0 include synth engines too?




Very cool! Curious to see how muting/performance works with only 8 buttons under the screen to address 16 tracks…

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wow. now you’re fkn talking :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Looks great!
Is the screen the same as in the OG?

Looking forward to the perc synth

Just ordered :slight_smile: can’t wait to have it on my dirty hands :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


So, so glad that the Mini will have feature parity. Definitely the right call. Can’t wait to get the new 2.0 update!


Any possibility that the 16 tracks can be all universal for anything?

Hi Mitch, thanks. I did just ordered the Tracker+. From what I see the only thing you could concentrate more to creare a super perfect product is the SONG MODE. THis is the only side I see a little weak compared to the other ones… :slight_smile:

Some vids are popping up already :slight_smile:


this looks soooo good. bravo polyend :clap:

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I hope the play+ gets similar fast synth editing and the drum synth! :smiley:


same same :pray:
that synth editing ui looks great.

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Agreed! Polyend did an amazing job with the Synth interface for the Tracker+


Just ordered it