Ability to switch between MIDI sequencer and audio sequencer's perform mode straight away, without switching views

What is the problem?

In the performance mode you cannot enter MIDI mode straight away for some fast tweaks. Your hands know and you know that to get there fast you should press Shift + Patterns, but the device does nothing.

Instead, you have to exit the perform, enter midi, exit midi and turn on the perform mode back. With no selected tracks. It’s a long way if you use both sequencers.

The same applies if you want to reach the audio sequencer’s perform mode being in MIDI mode.

What do you want to achieve?

It would be very useful to be able to switch between the perform mode and MIDI sequencer, back and forth, quickly. The user may want to tweak MIDI parameters fast, being able to reach them straight from the perform mode, using a simple shortcut.

Any links to related discussions?

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Sorry for bringing the “patterns/perform over the variation views” thread up again, but I can’t reply there as it’s archived. Another possible solution for that which seems to be in-lined with this wish and overall common sense:

Doesn’t matter where you are now, whatever mode, UI responses to your actions without pre-requisites. If you’re in patterns, tapping variations (one or all of them) lies on top of the current view. So, if it matters to you to have both patterns and some specific variations at the same time, you got it. The same could be applied to perform: if you’re there, you may call variations by tapping them. This way nothing has priority by itself, the priority relies on when you need something or not.

Having all the variations selected offers you so much in terms of live performance. When all the tracks are sculpted already it makes so much sense using them extensively, but for now they make UI non-responsive at all.

@ambivalence Right now this wish touches on many features. Can you help simplify it, please?

Is the main feature requested the possibility to jump from Performance mode to MIDI sequencer mode and back?

What about focusing this wish on this problem:

So make this wish about a direct connection between the MIDI sequencer and Performance mode.

About how to implement this, it would be something that the Polyend team would decide if they accept this wish, but here are some thoughts.

Right now, the user can only enter Performance mode from the audio sequencer. The fact that the user can only go back to the audio sequencer and not directly to the MIDI sequencer is limited, but consistent.

Currently the MIDI sequencer has no use for the same button, just a white label. One possibility would be to have the Perform button also in the MIDI sequencer, and then leaving Performance mode would bring you back to MIDI mode.

Except… if a MIDI Performance mode would exist (and some people are asking for it even if there is no wish created yet), then it would make more sense that you connect MIDI sequencer and MIDI Performance using the Performance button. In that scenario, when being in Performance mode, Shift + Pattern would switch between audio performance and MIDI performance.

I’m setting a timer to this wish to either keep it going it or archive it. :slight_smile:

@icaria36 done, check it out :wink: I’ve cut some parts of it related to other behaviors that require another wishes.

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Thank you, I have simplified it a bit more and I think this is now clear and ready for Polyend’s review.

appreciate it!

Hi @ambivalence , thanks for your wish. We are planning to include Perform mode in MIDI tracks which will change the workflow and make this wish irrelevant.


hi there,

personally, I don’t think it became irrelevant. having the perform mode for MIDI tracks is great, but it doesn’t resolve the problem of having fast access to the perform mode for samples. you can easily imagine workflow where you have active MIDI and sample tracks, and in this scenario entering the performance mode for the samples part being in the midi sequencer view, has really long way to go. also, it resets all the tracks while switching back and forth.

so, what you are saying is that user should choose what performance mode to use, while the device could easily have some shortcut and solve the problem.

I would say let’s not assume anything about programming this device’s firmware is easy.

Synth/midi performance mode will be awesome. Thanks @miropoly


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