Wavetable Sampling and Creation Automation

This wish requests automated wavetable creation from a synth preset. Credit to @Sandroid for suggesting this in the comments of one of my previous wishes.

What is the problem?

Recording a wavetable from a synth preset is currently quite tedious or requires skills while it could be fully automated. This wish suggests an on-device method of generating wavetables from external hardware/software through MIDI and Audio I/Os, in an automated way.

  • The idea here would be to be able to create wavetable libraries of external synths be able to share them with the community.
  • Also, it is in the spirit of the “let me grab a sound and make something of it”, especially now with the portability of the Mini.

What do you want to achieve?

  • Add a Wavetable Generator tool which would send the appropriate MIDI messages to grab the sound and automatically detect and trim the recorded sound to a single-cycle waveform that will generate a wavetable instrument

  • Wavetable instrument already exists so there is no need to create a new one. The automation will generate a .pti wavetable instrument and allow saving it in our library.

Are there any workarounds?

  • Manually record and trim a wavetable and set it as a wavetable type instrument

  • Use external tools to help with the creation of the wavetable then import it into the Tracker.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

  • Halion (software)

  • Parawave Rapid (software)

  • Not sure but possibly will be the first hardware product to do that.

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@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

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