Tracker Mini: Play+ Synth Engines

These are actually all good ideas ! Maybe check-out if they are already on the wishlist, otherwise maybe it’s worth posting them for vote !

I posted this idea for the synth engines, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like sampling. I love sampling ! :sweat_smile:

I had a couple sampling-related requesting multi-sampling instrument and multi-sampling robot, but they haven’t been approved for vote. Instead, another one consisting of a robot grabbing/trimming wavetables instruments automatically unit is approved, though still in the unnoticed ones !

Another, still sampling related about audio sampling via USB, does have much more traction :

Still the synth engines make a lot of sense I believe, for having tested the DirtyWave M8 with its synth engines, that made it a very powerful production tool and it’s actually a lot of fun combining samples with synths in a tracker workflow.

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