Turning the Polyend Play into a Mini Midi Station

Its tiny but mighty with those 90s sounds.

Doing some Midi tests tonight and the sound canvas is my go to midi monster. really intuitive and once it was set up it was a fun little session. I would like to create midi profiles like the tracker profile in there. maybe some way to share midi mapping files for other devices


Loved the video of this! I encountered strange midi errors when using the Play with my Yamaha QY100… Did you happen to notice any throttling? (where sending, say, 5 notes to 5 diff channels simultaneously only sends 1 or 2?)

That’s a great idea re: midi presets. Would be incredibly handy as I’m using an MC101, a TR-8, a Volca and other bits. Particularly handy when you have custom CC values.


seems like we want pretty much the same thing to be implemented :sunglasses:

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