Polyend Play midi features

I’m interested in the Play. Read a lot and saw loads of videos. But what’s holding me back are the negative comments about the Midi Tracks, I also read that Polyend promised to work on the midi features. Does somebody know what and when we can expect?

btw…I cannot see any beta firmware features because I’m not a Play owner (yet), so don’t know the status of midi tracks in beta firmware. Are there alreay made improvements in the beta?

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Can you explain what problems concern you with MIDI tracks, please? With details we will be able to help you better.

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I don’t have them in detail because I do not own one. It’s more about reading in the Elektronauts forum, where was stated in januari that Polyend would come with a firmware update with the focus on Midi (Tracks). I’m curious about the status of it. Does the beta firmware updates midi improvements?

From the Eletronauts forum a post from 22 january :
‘Someone on the v1.2 update video said that Polyend customer support told him they were shooting for a major MIDI update by the end of January. It seems like that’s date is not going to happen, but hopefully a major MIDI overhaul is coming soon.’

Eletronauts forum post from 28 february :
‘Piotr from Polyend in his own words last week:
We are working on two very cool melodic-related features. But first, we’ll release a ‘midi update’ fixing some stuff there - coming very soon.’

Can somebody please explain what features this ‘midi update’ will have? And when is ‘coming very soon’?

@icaria36 ?

@Just_Pierre I don’t know about future releases, I don’t work at Polyend. :slight_smile: Here in Backstage there a was a mention somewhere about MIDI fixes coming in the next release but it was in a very specific context: Using MIDI side of Play to control and send to DAW.

If you are initially interested on the Play and you are not missing anything specific upfront… maybe you just try it? The Play has very powerful MIDI capabilities, see for instance Turning the Polyend Play into a Mini Midi Station. For almost every young product you will find talk about more features and fixes in the next release, but what matters is whether you find the product interesting here and now.


@Mitch can you say something about the ‘very soon coming’ midi update that was promised 5 weeks ago?

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Yeah it is close! These release dates are always very hard to predict, a lot of factors go into it. You’ll see it this month for sure.


Thanks, Mitch. Aprreciate it!

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Meanwhile, @Just_Pierre and anybody else willing to have more MIDI-related features on the Play, please cast your votes on these related wishes. :slight_smile:


@Just_Pierre Polyend Play: 1.3 Firmware Update was released a couple of weeks ago. Do you still have any questions?

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