The Play + is horrible

I loved my Play, I created my whole new album on it and Im really proud of I managed to do. Its so easy to use and not to mention FUN.

I traded in my old circuit because of the limitations, however it did have a synth engine over the Play.

So when they announced the Play + I was so excited, excited that I would be able to add synth lines to my tracks, play a synth live. But this isn’t the case, its horrible, just horrible. Confusing, clumsy, you put down a synth line on a track, only to go back to it 10 mins later and its completely changed, the design is so bad. Im really disappointed to say the least. I would have rather have less synths but be easier to use. The circuit was so easy, its actually got me thinking do I need to get a Circuits tracks now, as this is almost unusable. There is no FUN to be had here. Its actually a chore trying to work the synths out. Maybe Im dim, but I like my tech to be easy to use.


If you’re experiencing things that seem like a Bug , I suggest you file them as such.

Hi, I’m sorry that the jump from the Play to the Play+ has been so frustrating for you.

What kind of changes? Timbres, notes, effects? Subtle, drastic?

Can it be that in those 10 minutes you changed the parameteres of that synth? The Play+ synths might need some time to understand but they don’t change their parameteres on their own.


I have one saved file that likes to change a few synth parameters on loading. The workaround is to just reload the preset. It hasn’t happened to any other patch in any other file though, so I figure it’s more of a fluke with just that file.

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