Synth patch per step or per pattern

Being able to have more than 3 synth patches per project would be really good.

Either being able to change patch per step, or select a new patch per pattern, what ever is technically possible.

What is the problem?

only having 3 synth patches per project is quite limiting

What do you want to achieve?

to be able to change synth patch per step.

if per step is not technically possible, perhaps being able to change patch per pattern, or having a pool of synth patches you could switch between within a single project would be great.

Are there any workarounds?


Any references to other products?

Elektron gear (analog four, digitone, syntakt etc) uses a “sound pool” where you can select a number of patches for use in that project you can change per step via sound locks. each pattern on these units can have different patches too.


I’d vote for this wish. It would be awesome the ability to change preset pet pattern.

I think that it is a very very necessary feature for Play+

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High priority imo

Why is this not up for voting yet?

If there is a technical reason it

maybe I should edit the wish to be just “synth patch per pattern”? as this is the most essential of the 2 imo

per step might be a bit too much for the system. I have no idea tho.

@Sandroid are these possibly 2 different wishes I’ve combined into 1? should I edit it or is it fine as is?

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Technically it could be viewed as two wishes. But i think it’s ok in this case. As it really is down to technical feasibility.

I personally - purely speaking from the perspective of a developer looking in from the outside - don’t think per step is a good idea. There are a couple things that come to mind that are quite a pain in the ass (sorry for that) to deal with, here’s two that pop into mind immediately:

  • How to handle running LFO’s when changing patches
  • How to handle ADSR/Tails from changing patches

So i think if it could be possible, the chances are much higher for this to work on a per pattern basis and even then there are still lots of things to take into consideration.

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I think that per pattern would be ok :slight_smile:

yea agreed, per pattern would be more than ok

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Does this also mean that you can’t change the parameters of a patch on a per step or per pattern basis? So, for example, is it possible to be running the same patch in two patters but on the second pattern the cutoff, envelope, lfo, etc. are different?

if you have those parameters assigned to the macros you can parameter lock them per step. there are 6 macros.

Got my play + this week and was convinced I was doing something wrong and im amazed you can only use one preset across the entire project.

Such an awesome machine but being able to use a different preset per pattern is essential if wanting to utilise the synths across a variety of tracks to perform a full set.

Please make it so polyend :slight_smile:

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yea without synth patch per pattern it’s not really feasible to do a liveset on play+, which is a pity cause it’s an amazing piece of kit. my favorite machine I own :heart:

fingers crossed its possible in the future.

For me, at least having the patch pool per synth model on the project level would be suffiecient. Similarly how sample folders work. There I could save synths patches in which I’m interested having for a particular project. To change a patch for a synth, I’d just first mute the sythth’s tracks (to avoid sound arfifacts), then change a patch, unmute the tracks back. Now the patch list is tooo long.

Just curious if you have favorite synth patches on the Play+. I have enjoyed the upgrade for the stereo samples and speed bumps alone. I can’t seem to find synth sounds that I want to come back to again and again. And so many of them sound distorted/dark/spooky, fine for bass or random accents. I can’t get a major melodic line sounding “uplifting” :slight_smile:

just as a follow up, we’re in the future: there were only couple of minor wishes implemented in 2 years, so it’s easier to accept the device as is without any high hopes it will be any different.

play+ isn’t even 1 year old. released Nov 2023 :wink:

I’m talking about the OG, which is basically the same device with minor differences like synths (not even mentioning stereo, because it halves the sample memory, so it has the same amount of RAM). Still, it doesn’t matter, because the point was that the company isn’t into free/frequent updates really. One can hope, but the reality is, as I said, almost nothing asked was implemented since this forum was created.

first big update for the plus is coming this summer. im pretty upbeat about it’s future. ymmv

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@beautron Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t fit our current product design direction.

no worries :smiling_face_with_tear:

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