Synths Make Only a Thud Sound

Bug Description

When I try to use the synths in the pattern screen, the sound changes to a thud once I pause and then play again. If i try using the synth using the pads, it only makes the thud sound as well. I can reload the init patch to make the synth work momentarily, but as soon as I go to the pattern screen and the pattern isnt active, it makes the thud sound. This happens with all the synths and all other patches in addition to the init patch. This also happened in 1.0.0.

Reproduction Steps

Described in the bug description.


This happens most of the time. Only about 10% of the time it doesnt do it.

Found in

  • Version: [1.0.1]
  • Build: [955]

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Is it possible that you are running into the Synth Macro Bug?

Check here:

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Hi @danny.aguilera.3 , could you please try @Sandroid’s workaround and let us know if that solves your problem? In this case, we are aware of the issue (as listed in release notes under known bugs) and working on a solution. Thanks for your patience

Hi, sorry about that! Yes it was the macros that had to be reset. Thank you @Sandroid! Hopefully there’s a fix soon. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response @danny.aguilera.3 , I will close this topic as duplicate of the known issue for now, as discussed. Cheers

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