Synth not sounding correctly? Here's an explainer & workaround! (Macro Bug)

I’ve seen this pop up a couple times now. Here as well as in other places.
So i figured it’s probably a good idea to make a short video explaining what is happening and how to work around it for now.

This bug affects all Firmware Versions of the Tracker+ including 1.0.1. Polyend is aware of it and working hard to get this solved soon for us, which @Mitch has stated as well:

If you got any questions, feel free to ask of course :blush:


Thank you for the tip !

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Thank you Sandroid and all the Polyend team. So much effort and work on their side, as a first time Tracker aficionado I can say, for years, they never stopped to answer with solutions and new features to our requests.


Thanx brother. I was reloading whole song when this happend. Your tip is much faster and safer.

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Thanks very much for the video. I was going mad trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

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Big thanks from me as well - really useful video and makes sense of the issue.
(Also glad it wasn’t just a problem for me alone!)

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I’ve been getting this. Found one solution which was to reboot the tracker! Bit drastic…

Very! :joy:
Hopefully this will save you some time until the fix is out :blush:

Oh and welcome to Backstage :partying_face:

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Thanks for the quick fix on this. It was driving me bonkers today when using the different Synths in my jam session.

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