Synth patch preview doesn't match recorded notes

Hi, I just got my tracker+ today and I’m very confused. I’m trying to do a very basic thing with synths and keep running into the same problem. I loaded a patch that I was happy with and I’m able to use the pads to figure out what I want to play, but every time I go to record the notes something happens and the patch completely changes. The notes go from being long and sustained to very short with some kind of LFO applied. This happens as soon as I record the first note. I can load the same patch again and the pads will go back to being long and sustained, but then when I attempt to record notes or if I play the current song it immediately gets overwritten again.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to “apply” the loaded patch to the synth slot somehow in order to get it to stay.

Here’s what I’m doing in more detail:

  • In a new project, select S1 in Pattern view by holding Instrument and using the jog wheel
  • Select Instrument Parameters > VAP > Load Patch
  • Select the Rust patch
  • Press the pads, it should be a long sustained sound
  • Record any notes, the patch immediately sounds different, the notes are short and no longer sustained
  • Stop recording, and hold down the notes. It sounds like some LFO or something has been applied it’s totally different
  • If you go and Load Patch again it’ll go back to being sustained, but break again as soon as you record

I updated my firmware before I started. Version 1.0.1.

Hey @sunjay! Welcome to Backstage. Great to have you here! :slight_smile:

This is a known bug and Polyend are working on a fix. @Sandroid make an excellent post and video showing an easy workaround for the time being. Hope this helps you out!

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Thank you! That seems to have worked! Can’t wait for the firmware update!!

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