Set scale for a range of steps

On the Play, the current scale filter applies to the entire project. However, it is common to use different scales, keys and modes within a song. The ability to set Scale on range of steps within a Pattern will generate much more interesting musical content with Randomize and Chance.

What is the problem?

Scale filter applies to the whole song. Hence notes generated with 1 Octave and 2 Octave in Randomize and also random notes in Chance sound less musically interesting, almost like a one-chord song.

What do you want to achieve?

Set different Scales for different ranges of notes within a Pattern, so that Randomize and Chance can generate random notes conforming to different keys, modes, chords, and scales with a song.

Are there any workarounds?

Apply music theory manually when setting notes to steps, but that won’t work with randomization.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


Yes, yes! I was thinking about this too.


@xjazzdummy After re-reading your wish… wouldn’t Scale per track on Play solve this problem? This wish has already 11 votes. And maybe the wish to push for is the ability to set scales per track, pattern and even variation.

This might be more complicated (?) not only to implement, also for users to handle. While it is true that it is common to apply different scales within a song, it is less common (I believe?) to apply different scales within a bar. If you are doing that, then you are probably adding chromatic notes to the scale, and if you want to do that, just disable the filter and add the notes as you wish.

Bottom line, maybe it is better to focus on Scale per track on Play and ask whether patterns and variations could be added there as well.

@icaria36 Thanks for looking into this.

No, Scale per track does not solve what I’m trying to do. E.g. a 4-bar chord progression: |C|C7|F|Fm6|. To sound coherent, ALL melodic and harmonic tracks in a song typically follow the same chord progression rather than each track follow a different scale. Bar 1 |C| is in the key of C, bars 2 and 3 |C7|F| are in the key of F, bar 4 |Fm6| is in the key of Fm or Ab major. Hence we will need to be able to set a different scale for each bar (or range of steps) for the randomize or chance-generated notes to be musically coherent with the chord progression.

Looking at the Scale per Track request, maybe it’s better to have a setting to disable the scale function for selected tracks since the OP wanted improvise and try ideas without being conformed to a predetermined scale.


seems reasonable. scale changes are pretty common in some genres. also, it could be interesting to play with the note knob applied to a whole track with different scales.

it’s easy to imagine that with Scale per track on Play implemented, it will be something like select track → twist some knobs. having in mind that such track selection is equal to selecting all of its steps anyway, it could naturally support partial selection and fulfill this wish as well.

in case if Scale per track on Play implemented with menu diving (I hope it won’t be), it will be much harder to combine these two features.

@xjazzdummy Ok, understood. In this case, I think it is better to focus this wish on setting the scale for a range of steps, which requires a UI implementation different than selecting scales for patterns. And then we could add a comment to Scale per track on Play that, if Polyend plans to implement it, they could consider patterns and variations as well.

Also, I want to note that the example of the chord progression could be handled with Possibility to set a note in relation to another track. The user would set randomization on each root note and the rest of the chord notes would follow, keeping the same intervals.

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@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile: