Set key on tracker mini fills


I have tried searching here, and looked through the documentation/manual, etc… and still couldn’t find the answer. So I apologize if this has been answered. The few things I have seen say “go to project settings and set root note to whatever your root note you want…” however I cannot find this setting anywhere.

I am trying to figure out how do I limit the notes in the fill to notes in a particular scale.

For instance, if I want to do a fill but only do notes in D major between two octaves - how would I achieve this?

I have tried doing the following fill:
Where - Each
Step - 1
Scale - Major
From - D3
To - D5
In which I would expect the output would be something like this:
D – E – F# – G – A – B – C# – D

However what I end up receiving is. D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D

I am using the tracker mini firmware 1.0

Thanks in advance.


I was wondering about this as well. I also remember reading something about being able to set that root note but I can’t remember where I saw it from. Maybe it was from the original Tracker manual.

It would be nice if this was added to the Mini as well.

Yeah keen to see if there’s a solution to this outside of writing everything in C :grin:
Workaround would be to:

  • Fill
  • Transpose with up/down until in key
  • Does it sound good?
  • Delete
  • Fill

Apologies , @abridgeman85 I didn’t understand your workaround answer . I would love to understand if there is a workaround here to the FILL randomly across a range within a specific key on the Mini , like you can on the OG .

Do you mean each time you use FILL it fills in notes in C , so just then select all the notes and transpose up/down until you get a key that works ?

That’s right, if it fills in C each time, then pick the scale you’re using (so if in D minor then pick minor), then transpose the notes that are generated up or down until you hit your root note (so if your root is D then move it down two steps)

Thanks @abridgeman85

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So the workaround I am doing is ;
Use FILL as per the manual instructions. After doing that , I am then selecting all of the notes in the track and transposing it , as suggested by @abridgeman85 , into the root note of the key I want , by assuming all the FILL notes that have been generated are in C.

So , to get the notes generated by FILL into C# , I just select all the notes in the track and transpose it up (+) by a semi tone.

I think that’s working for me :wink:


Correction - move up two steps if D. Must have been short on caffeine when I wrote that…

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I just came searching to see if anyone posted about this. I was testing filling random notes in A minor, meaning there should be no sharps, and somehow I ended up with several. Glad to see it’s not just me and I’m not missing something obvious. I basically followed the workaround @abridgeman85 mentioned and that worked, but something tells me this is a bug.

Did anything ever come of this? Workaround is not ideal and I’m trying not to write everything in C :grin:

There is this wish that is being voted on at the moment:

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Thanks Sandroid!