Set instruments in or out of sidechained limiter

to set instruments in or out of being side-chained by the limiter or alternately apply a percent of the effect (0-100%) to each instrument individually

What is the problem?

everything is sidechained by the limiter when it may only be appropriate for some instruments

What do you want to achieve?

tighter control over the dynamics of tracker’s output

Are there any workarounds?

not really

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?


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yes good one!
i read it as first as if you want to be able to sequence the choice of tracks.
set them in and out.
which would be awesome.
but i guess you would like the limiter as a send?

ooo yes and then an FX command for it!!!

a limiter wont work as a send. to be truthful, as long as you dont overdo it, sidechain kick to all instruments is not terrible.

Maybe a way to set the amount it affects each individual track? from 0 - 100% for example?

Btw, @pointandclicksystems, can you do me a favor and remove/replace the “first person” language from the wish (as per the wishlist guidelines).

Thank you :blush: :heart:

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do i sound spoiled? my tr6s is keeping me in drums that dont even hit the limiter. is the input side chained too? i cant tell.

I don’t think so. It’s a valid request to make for sure.
Also i have no idea if the line in is sidechained as well, never really used it :laughing:

Thanks for updating the post :heart:

Hello @pointandclicksystems Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, we have to decline your wish because of technical limitations :slight_smile:

Very sad to hear. One of the few really good wishes

Theres only so much computing juice.
Could that be the reason?
Couldnt then space and bassboost be removed to get some?

can this be a thing on the newer trackers?

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