Sampling During Playback

Hello, I am curious if anyone is missing the ability to sample from the Input while the Pattern is playing? A lot of times I like to play in what I want to record while my Pattern is running, and I’d love to be able to achieve this on the Tracker+.

Am I missing a feature/function flag somewhere, or is this just something which isn’t possible on the Tracker+?

I find the feature indispensable on the DT2, OP-1 Field, MPC, SP 404mk2, Deluge and other pieces of kit (I think the M8 does this as well, but not sure) and would love to have the feature available to us on the Tracker+/Mini.

Many thanks.

Also, if this is a duplicated post, please let me know, as I didn’t see it listed anywhere.



Yes, this is a very important feature that could bring the tracker in another dimension …


There was this wish before, but it was declined:

After some searching i have not seen a clear wish asking for this… eventhough i could swear this was discussed previously and deemed not possible. But this may have been for the older devices.

So feel free to create a new Draft wishes entry for it.

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Yes please to this feature! I just got a Tracker Mini and tried to record something as the loop played but couldn’t figure out how to do it and was also wondering if I’m missing something.

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Yes, we could do songs tha way, with lyrics and all :slight_smile:

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YES PLEASE to recording while playing!! :pray: :pray:

I also wish for this. :slight_smile:

That would really be a great addition!!!

Someone make a wish and post a link to the request so I can vote for it.

I’d love to record or sample synths I control via midi, or record the machine while jamming on it.

It’s superstrange to have a sampler that can’t resample it’s own input or output while running isn’t it?

I’ve even harassed polyend staff at trade shows about that. (:

i was just gonna say… if you guys keep complaining about it but not create a wish for it, nothing is going to happen. :joy:

And i’m not gonna create it for you. :smirk:

I need to create the DraftWish on the desktop. The mobile entry of it is too much for me. Hopefully i can get to it in the next couple days.

If anyone else would like to create it, please feel free to. I’m new here, so just getting use to the protocol around here.

Cheers :facepunch:t3::level_slider:

Ok. Took a stab at a first draft. Not sure what it takes to get traction behind a DraftWish, but let’s see if we can give it legs :wink: