Metronome Option: Loop a sample instead of the tick/beep

it is AWESOME that we have a metronome now in the sample recorder. it would be even more awesome if it could play a looped sample.

What is the problem?

If the user wants to record some guitar directly into the tracker to go over a beat, they only get to hear a click. At best, they miss a lot of the fun nuance and inspired syncopation that playing along with the beat could provide. At worst, they miss rhythmic cues and have to do another take.

What do you want to achieve?

The goal is plugging live instruments into the tracker and recording live samples that go along with the music that is being composed on the tracker. It would be pure love to loop a pattern while recording a sample, but it has been stated that this is technically difficult to achieve.

However, the user could easily render a pattern down to a sample, which is certainly less effort to play back than a pattern. An option in the metronome menu to select a sample to loop instead of the default “beep beep beep” would go a long way to making DAWless dreams come true.

Are there any workarounds?

the metronome is undoubtedly a big help in using the tracker to sample live instruments- it is the bare minimum required.

but if a user wants to record live instruments while listening to the pattern they belong with, they tend to render out a stem, take the sd card out, put it into a computer with another DAW, load up the stem, record live instruments into the DAW, copy the new sample to the sd card and then stick that back in the tracker. it’s a lot of monkeying around and kills flow and spontaneity. it would be much better to be able to do it all from within the awesome tracker. avoiding the computer is a big part of the joy of the tracker.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

nearly all DAW-in-a-box things that record live audio let you monitor a mix while you record.


Very nice idea and well written up. Took the liberty to refine the title a bit, hope that’s ok.
Thank you for your wish :heart:

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