Allow Sampling During Playback of Audio

A user should be able to record audio from an external source in the Sample Recorder while audio is playing from the Tracker+. This insures that a user can Live play their sequence into the Tracker+ and insure that it syncs to the timing and mood and pace of the track they are creating.

I find the feature indispensable on the DT2, OP-1 Field, MPC, SP 404mk2, Deluge and other pieces of kit (I think the M8 does this as well, but not sure) and would love to have the feature available to us on the Tracker+/Mini.

Ideally this feature would be available to recording over USB audio as well…but i will gladly accept it over 3.5mm audio in


What is the problem?

A user cannot record into the Sampler while audio is playing from the Tracker+

What should this feature achieve?

A user should be able to play in live to the Sampler and hear the audio sequence they programmed into the Tracker+ accompany it.

Are there any workarounds?

A user currently has to record their audio sequence to another detached recorder like a DAW or SP404 in order to hear what they want to record Live into the Tracker+

Any links to related discussions?

Not familiar enough with this request.

Any references to other products?

The following devices allow you record into the Sampler while listening to the sequence recorded in the device:
. Elektron OctaTrack
. Elektron Digitakt 2
. SP 404MK2
. Deluge
. M8
. Push 3
. Maschine+
. OP-1 Field


Thanks for the wish @policarpo. Could you please edit your wish using the Template provided when you started the draft wish? Thanks so much!

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Please let me know if this works.

Thanks again. :facepunch:t3::level_slider::heartpulse:

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Looking great! Thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

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Want this so much! :100:

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agreed, it is the feature the tracker is missing the most for my workflow


@policarpo Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, we have to decline your wish because of technical limitations.

Bummer. This and Sampling over USB would make the Tracker+ one of the premiere grooveboxes on the market.