Rendering of selection is very quiet

Bug Description

Rendered sample of selection is very quiet.
It often contains an audio spike at the very end.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Select steps containing sounds
  2. Hit Record button
  3. Hit “Render Selection”
  4. Hit “Render & Load”



Found in

  • Version: 1.7.1
  • Build: 561


Project archive with rendered and normalized examples. (213.7 KB)

After rendering

After normalization in Sample Editor

Maximum zoom at sample’s end

Cutting out audio spike and re-normalizing

Hi @risseraka , thank you for logging another detailed issue, very easy to understand and answer. Unfortunately, please search for duplicates when logging, as we already have the “spike” part logged: Rendered Pattern selection plays click at end of wav

Also, try to avoid logging two problems in same topic / bug report as it’s written in the rules also: How to report bugs


Finally, the “quiet” part of your report I would categorise as by design. Try rising the volume of your samples and you will get very loud renders.

Thanks for your support and help so far!

I’d guess if you have an audio spike at the end of your sample, which is the loudest part of it, it seems pretty clear the rest of the sample is quiet(er), isn’t it?

So raising the volume wouldn’t help… or would it? If there’s a spike at the end I mean…

Hi @Mex , thanks for your question. As mentioned, spike is already tracked as separate issue and we plan to fix it separately.

Yes, I know. :wink:
That was not the point.
The point was, if there is a spike at the end during rendering (which is the peak, I guess? I don’t know) could explain why the beginning of the audio is lower. Depending on how spikes and volumes are handled during the rendering process (which I don’t know).

Okax, I tested it.
I rendered a track one time at default 0db (in the mixer) and then plus 6db.
Both rendered files have the same click at the end, which seems to create a new peak for the whole sample as nothing happens when you normalise those files …unless you cut off the click first. Then you can normalise it.

Also the click is not present in the Sampke Loader preview, only on the Editor (which is a bit weitd).

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