Rendered Pattern selection plays click at end of wav

Bug Description

Render selection has loud click at end of file

Reproduction Steps

  1. Percussion, single cycle waveform instrument, make a few tracks
  2. select entire pattern
  3. render selection
  4. save&load option
  5. preview new wav, loud click at end


Always- every time I try

Found in

build 561


I have the files but it is just slightly over 4mb so I can’t upload it. I also have a video but its too large for the attachment, let me know if want its about 40mb. Unsure how to proceed, let me know I could email it or something

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You could upload it to something like google drive or wetransfer :v:

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OK i am using wetransfer then, but there is a time frame for download!


Have you tried this with different single cycles/samples?

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Yes of course. But that wouldn’t explain the snap at the very end of the track where the instrument had been off by the end of the tail

I was just thinking that it might’ve been caused by something in the sample itself.

What happens if you select and render all but the last step? Same thing?

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Hey thanks! I just tried to render steps 1-12 now, same issue, it tails off after 12 and then a consistent click at the end of the render.

Next test, just swapped out a different single cycle into instrument, rendered, and click at end. So yeah this is pretty consistent.

Hopefully the dev can download the link before it expires!!!

Hi there!

First post… :blush:

Unfortunately I experience the same problem.
Rendering causes a click at the end of the new sample.

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Hello @creativeunderdogs. Thank you for reporting this bug. We are sorry you’re experiencing issues while using our product. We will do our best to resolve it and notify you when it’s ready. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I would like to make videos covering that feature so it would be great to know when it is ready :slight_smile: