Render Selection directly to File or into the Sample Pool

Much like the Tracker’s functionality, it would be awesome to be able render a selection to file or bounce it directly into the sample pool of the Play. While it is currently possible to render Patterns to file, rendering a selection would give much more precise control over what the user wants to render.

What is the problem?

One of the great things with the tracker is to create a selection, bounce/render that down to a single sample and then import that sample back as an instrument. The Play+ has an amazing synth and sample engine but limited tracks and while it can render an entire pattern, some more detailed control would be very welcome.

What do you want to achieve?

The ability to make a selection (ideally over multiple tracks) and render it to a file and/or load it into the sample pool.

Are there any workarounds?

You can render an entire pattern or pattern chain, but it lacks more fine control.
See: Render Selection directly to File or into the Sample Pool - #7 by miropoly

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Polyend Tracker’s Render Selection Functionality


@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

Hi @dan.lgrnd , there is much quicker workflow: after you export pattern stems/tracks you can load them into your project directly from the SD card/Export folder. No need to do the computer business :wink:


As I’m staying with the OG Play, this would be really useful to have as chords made with melodic samples can easily eat up to several tracks out of eight tracks available in total, and what if I want overlapping chords? :grinning:
This wish applies to the OG too, does it?

Wow, this workflow is actually working well for my needs.
What I do:
put as many notes as I need for a chord on different audio tracks then Export → Current Pattern Master, load exported master into the Sample pool and voila, I have a chord sample.
So Play actually has resampling! (sort of).
Also had some fun applying repeat fx, then resampling, again applying different type of repeat fx, resampling, repeat… well, you got it.
The only drawback with this aprroach is that exported fiiles all have the same name ‘master’, maybe hard to distinguish between them later on.
Thank you very much, appreciated! You made my day.

upd: at least I can load exported files in to separate Sample Pool folders named accordingly :upside_down_face:


This works like a charm! I always imagined that exported audio went to a folder that was not accessible to be loaded as samples. Funny thing is that I do this all the time with the Tracker, but my brain never made the link that the Play could work in a similar fashion. Thanks so much!

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Haa, so just Export Current Pattern Master and reload the Sample. Adjust Start and End and you’ve Sliced your loop.
Bit silly since you can copy-paste multiple steps, but for bouncing down to get more tracks its a great tip!

OG would bounce to mono again, but Plus could even contain the reverb etc? need to try

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Just tried. It’s without any fx. But you maybe knew that

edit. so it’s actually not really the Pattern Master

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@dan.lgrnd I’ve added a link to my own wish (Pick name and location for exports) in the description, as I think they are related (also linked the other way back in my own wish description). I was considering whether they are in fact different ways of trying to achieve the same – do you think we could merge these two?

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Yeah to be honest I don’t think this wish is quite relavant anymore as @miropoly and @5020780 solution gets me where I want to go.

What do you think?

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I don’t know if it’s even possible to regret a wish and close it?

There are two people with votes on this wish, so before we do anything rash, let’s ask them :blush:

@radfaraf & @phuber.bazooka, would the solution proposed here, be acceptable for you all?

If so, we can close this wish.


Oh i see there is already a way to do this. No need to regret the solution, but I see why it would make sense to spend time and votes on other suggestions. I removed mine to have a spare vote for something that doesn’t have a workaround.


Hey @phuber.bazooka, pinging you to see what your take is on this.
See the messages above and let us know if it’s ok with you if we close this wish.

Considering you are the only vote left on this topic, i might take the liberty of closing this wish, unless you veto against it :kissing_heart:

Hope it’s understandable that I’m not wearing my “Mod” hat on this one, as it being my wish. Thanks for chiming in @Sandroid :love_you_gesture:

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After further discussion with @Mitch, it has been decided to keep this wish but refine it further.

This wish now focuses on the wish to have a Render Selection Functionality - similar to what is currently possible on the Polyend Trackers.


So its about shift selecting steps and bouncing that selection?

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I hate one word replies buuuut: Yup :joy:

Killah idea!

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sorry, with all due respect, but whats the benefit to shift selecting steps, copying them to a new pattern and bouncing that copied pattern? im not seeing it.

edit. o wait, directly to samplepool is much faster ofcourse. gotit!