Render Selection directly to File or into the Sample Pool

if you render a selection you can bounce/render anything within a pattern regardless of it’s position within a pattern and regardless of the pattern length. For example: you could bounce step 4 - 8 within a 16 step step pattern.

This would just give you a more precise export, that doesn’t require any triming and extra fiddling and would just be a huge timesaver all in all.


A yes.
And how would this work on longer samples?
I could imagine it would cut them off?
That way it could be used as a slicer perhaps?
With trackspeed and the chosen steps being the resolution.
Although im afraid it cant render beyond the first step.
But dont know that technicality.

Edit. O no duh. You can only select the starting step ofcourse :see_no_evil:

I really think that this functionality would benefit my workflow.
Maybe to do it with a shortcut key combination, as it is a thing that could be an integral part of the way I like to write music with!

I’m finally getting Play Plus and this feature is crucial. Users should be able to bounce the synths and the drum engine to a sample.

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you can already. Just solo the tracks you want & render pattern (maybe it’s called export pattern, not sure). the new sample will be in your renders folder.

Yeah I know. But all those exported files will have irrelevant names like master.wav or whatever.

I think a key thing to consider here is that if I render a “pattern”, just to get a note at the beginning of that pattern, then the re-imported sample will have a ton of blank space at the end, taking up extra sample memory time. If I do this even a few times, I’ll have quite a bit of “dead space” being wasted in my sample pool memory which is limited… Render and re-import only a selection would be most welcome to me. :nerd_face: :facepunch:

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What if you make a shorter pattern for export? I mean, track length is adjustable.