Record Audio to SD card on Tracker Mini?


can you use the Tracker Mini to record audio (wav) directly to SD card storage?
To be clear, I don’t mean sampling into internal memory.

Is this possible? I’m thinking about getting one but this would be a required feature.
If this currently doesn’t work, is this a planned feature? If not can I add this as a feature request? :wink:


What is the difference between sampling and recording? :thinking:

Whenever you record a “sample” or audio, it is recorded to the SD card.
You have a choice if you want to load it to memory once it is recorded or not.

I was expecting “sampling” refers to writing audio to the (limited) internal memory instead of the SD card, even the manual states: “Max 45 sec audio sample.”

Are you sure you can record unlimited audio directly to SD card? See above answer, what the manual states doesn’t sound like it. I would be really happy if this is actually the case.

i mean it’s not unlimited, there is a hard limit at around 133 seconds.
So you can’t just record endlessly, if that is what you are asking.

I’m not sure where that limits comes from, if it samples directly to memory and writes to disk afterwards or if it streams to disk and is just hardcoded to stop there.

At least for the play, it resamples everything to memory in uncompressed 16bit PCM wav when it loads from SD, so it appears then to be the same on the tracker mini.

Technically there is no reason why this shouldn’t work, probably it has to be implemented first.
Is there a way to get in touch with Polyend folks to talk about things like this or issue a feature requests somehow?


There absolutely is!
Feel free to create a wish for this feature here: Draft wishes :blush:

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If this is a feature that might get useful for you or others, feel free to back it, maybe it increases the chance.

I really hope this gets added, I bought a Tracker Mini today :wink:

The process is as follows:

  • Us moderators will check the wish, so that it adheres to the wish guidelines
  • Afterwards it will be assigned to the Polyend Team for review
  • If Polyend considers this a functionality that they want/can add at some point, they will make it an offficial wish
  • This will open the wish up for voting.

This allows Polyend to gauge the interest in a specific feature across the community and to take it into consideration.

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Thanks for the insights, so you are not directly connected to Polyend but the forum is?

I would expect this to be some sort of community manager position?

And if it’s ok to ask here, can you directly message other users (at some point due to the trust system I guess)


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This community / forum is officially owned and run by Polyend.

Polyend has also reached out to a select few community members to moderate this forum.
I myself am not directly employed by Polyend, but fortunate enough, to get to work with them closely.

Polyend employees however are also very present and active here.
You can actually distinguish them by the Tag that says “Polyend-Team” next to their name.

Of course, just ask away. :blush:
You should be able to directly message members after a certain trust level, that is correct.

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