Randomly freezing during playback with buzzing sound at the output

Same issue here with the new update. It crashes around 3 times per hour. It makes the new version of the software almost unusable. Please, sort it out.


One potential solution for random freezing is to use a different plug adapter from the one that Polyend provides with the tracker. Last year when I updated to 1.6, out of nowhere the tracker was freezing all the time. I tried using a different plug adapter (from my fuji film camera) and I haven’t had an instance of freezing since, even with the new 1.7 firmware.

No, that doesn’t work for me. I tried all kinds of different cables and adapters.
How long are you using the tracker (approx. minutes / hours)?

The freezing happens sporadically, so everything can go well for a while,
when all of a sudden it just freezes and buzzes.

Ran another test this weekend and just used one sample and played
around with this. It went good for a while and I had lots of fun…
and then… just playing back, doing nothing - it crashed again.

I am really close returning the unit regardless of how much fun it is,
cause the freezing is an anticlimactic experience.
No way to use the tracker live like it is. It could end as an embarassing experience…

somebody made a vid on yt of the freezing sound

Not sure what he is muttering at the end though… :sweat_smile:

Hello to everyone @here who is struggling with this issue. Thank you for all the support and comments so far. As I wrote in my last comment a week ago, we have been working on a fix and are preparing for releasing it soon – as we are entering the final stages of beta testing. For those interested in joining these efforts, please check Announcements how to apply. For others, we ask for a your patience while we resolve this. We’ll inform you here when the fix is ready. Thank you


I absolutely would be up for some beta testing as I would love nothing more than to see this machine working as it should.


While using the Polyend Tracker, I have also experienced the “Randomly freezing during playback with buzzing sound at the output” issue about 3 times since updating firmware Version 1.7

I applied to help beta test a while ago but never heard back from you guys. Would still be interested in joining the testers for 1.7 issues or future firmware developments!

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Thats’s too bad! I’m using it for about a half hour in the evenings.

Same boat here applied twice, but didn’t hear back.

Hi @reubenfinger and @ESDB , as explained in the beta application form, we review all applicants regularly and who we accept is based on the answers to the questionnaire and current needs of the beta program. So if you haven’t been accepted yet it means one of these two conditions haven’t been met. We will continue reviewing applications and add more beta testers as needed. Thanks for your interest.

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@here I’m happy to let you know the hotfix Tracker 1.7.1 firmware update is available and fixes this issue which has affected many users. Thank you for your patience while we worked on this, but also all the comments and support to get it out there as fast as possible.


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