Randomly freezing during playback with buzzing sound at the output

Bug Description

Just playing a Pattern or Song it freezes and you cant power down, have to unplug and plug in again. Could be when just 1 track used or 4 tracks

Reproduction Steps

  1. cant, its random


bug is reproducible 4 times in 2 days

Found in

  • Version: (1.7.0)
  • Build: (533)



I had ther same problem, 3 times in a day. Never happened with 1.6

Hi @cray5656 @mikipepe73 We are sorry you experienced Tracker freezing/crashing! We are aware of this issue and are working to find the exact cause and clear reproduction steps. Thank you for reporting the bug and please be patient while we find a solution. We’ll inform you when it’s ready.


Mine has been freezing a few times i froze both deluge and tracker because of extremely high tempo lol. Has not lagged like 1.6 was doing before. I will keep using and will post if it happens more. Thanks dev for this amazing gear !!!

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Same thing, mine froze up twice today with a buzzing noise in my headphones. had to unplug to shut down.

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Same here. 1.7 - has froze multiple times in the last couple days. On both USB power and when powered via the supplied power supply.

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1.7 Froze on me today. Can’t recall doing anything to prompt it.

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5 freezes in 2 days. tried to use tracker without and with connected midi device and had freezes in both variants. now i want to downgrade to 1.6 and comeback to 1.7 later. tried to reproduce, but nothing. the last time i just opened file, played as song, touched nothing)

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20 Freezes in 6 Hours

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Hi everyone @here , thank you for your reports. As said above, we are aware of this issue and investigating why it happens. I will update the title for now to “Randomly freezing during playback with buzzing sound at the output”, please let us know if you experience a different freeze (possibly when playback is stopped? Or without buzzing? Or with specific reproduction steps?) than it will be described here by others, so possibly a different root cause…

Follow this topic if you want to know more or get notified when it’s fixed. Thanks to everyone for feedback so far and your patience while waiting.


To me it looks like it takes half an hour, then it freezes. It froze just playing in loop a default song, with no user input. Got also a situation once where project suddenly got initialized while I was on it. Waiting for a fix.

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Same here, crash randomly happening during a playback. Loud buzz in one channel, – I play a lot with panning and panning LFOs in that project.

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I got my tracker a few days ago.

It is freezing on both versions 1.6 and 1.7 for no apparent reason.
It is quite astonishing. Just playing back two tracks and doing nothing but
listening the thing decides to freeze out of the blue and produces that gnarly
earpiercing sound, So be careful when working with this unit!

It is pretty annoying cause I cannot get into any kind of meaningful workflow
as crashes are happening between 5 and 20 minutes… unpredictable.
I always have the thought in my mind… is it going to freeze… any…time…
soon…? Or…not? Pretty stressful in a way.

(PLEASE don’t ask me to delete the workspace folder or try another PSU…
I tried almost every tip you can find online)

Since I got it three days ago I experienced between 20 or 30 crashes.
I stopped counting to be honest. It is somehow unbearable, especially when
researching that crashes have been a problem for years now (use your search

It’s a pity as I really dig the workflow and really feel this thing. It’s kind of how
my brain works, except my brain is not freezing half as much as the tracker does, thank goodness!

So now I am really inbetween… should I keep it or not? I love it when it runs
and it makes me smile with every beat, but the crashes making it really not
easy to work with.

I am not sure I have time to wait until Polyend fixed the problem as I only
have around three weeks left to return it…

Let’s see. Still hoping as I would love to keep it, but also doubting it a bit
as crashes seem to be one of the biggest issues people have with this unit
for some time now.


ok now i had it so often even my wife came in xD
so sad
now nothing happens anymore…
heÂĄ guys is there a topic to clicks with snap to zero mode?greetZ

now nothing happens anymore

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I remember I had this screen always on the OG when I attached it to a Power Bank.


I’ve been able to consistently reproduce this by simply letting the tracker play for 20-30 minutes without interruption.

This has randomly happened to me when starting the tracker from time to time on every firmware. It usually works if you restart (unplug and replug) it again.

Yeah, sure. This is what we do, what else.
But it’s not a sustained solution.
You’re lucky if it hapoens after 30 minutes… it might happen after five.

Can you reproduce the radio bug, too?

Happened to me yesterday. Unplug, restart. It used to buzz and restart occasionally, but last night buzz-freeze. After about an hour of use.

Hello , have the same issue here,
Have a random crush with the static buffer sound
And also ,I had it crush a few times while using
the performance mode,
Playing with retrigger and pattern variations/length with extreme rates made a growing buffer loop sound that turned to the machine stuck with the known buffer crush sound…

I can stop the playback as the sound starts to blend and then it stops and doesn’t crush,
So it seems like a CPU problem maybe?

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