Polyend Play Plus biggest cons

haha no worries. yea its a welcome setting indeed :smile:

No friggin way, that’s what the knob preview is? I didn’t even touch that because I thought it was the capacitive touch setting to show the parameter on the screen! This is a game changer–thanks for the tip!

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All these can be highlighted and I’d like to just underline some of these as most wanted…

Now the Play is an outstanding sequencer, and a unique instrument…
Where it falls shy to its competition though, is the sample manipulation…although powerful via its step-locks, it lacks texture/synthesis…

If > Slicing, midi performance, synth mapping and patch recall per pattern make to the next firmware the Play will undoubtedly be one of the great ones :statue_of_liberty::loud_sound:… yet I can’t help but echo in that the lack of sample loop is always going to be greatly missed on an instrument as creative as this…

On that note i just want to add inn a simple request to bring in synthesis to samples without taxing the code

And that is an option for replacing one of the OSC slots in the FM and RTFM :wink: engine with sample folder or just an audio-input form a selected audio channel…

Its a simple way of bringing in synthesis OSC FM / intermodulation to samples


my biggest con is , delete unused samples, in the sample menu and no , sure ? , question :roll_eyes:
taking a long time for looking and loading lots of samples in new projects and then often just got one step in menu more down than i wanted and push select and whoops . memory empty :slight_smile:

now that im here i can also tell my 2nd biggest con : its not possible to play more than one sample at a time even if i have selected more than one track . just in record mode but i wanna try before i record :slight_smile:


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oh cool thx

There are some downsides for me currently. But tbh some may be my fault

I use (or want to use) the play plus in a hybrid setup with ableton. And there a some thinks that make this a little to hard for my taste

  1. Recording: well i sync the play to Ableton and that works (after some work) okay. But if i record the play in Ableton its always of. In a optimal world i would love to record the Tracks for example in Sessionmode and that would be a great think but it the recordings are never on time. I know it may be an Ableton think and i checked so much stuff out but after 4 month i dont found a solution for that. Recording in arrangment is the same problem.

Btw: i had similar problems with stem export it seems? Just tried ones and wasnt on time. But also if it would work its currently not the way to go because of the Arranger.

  1. No sample preview in “audiotinterface mode”(or i am missing something?) Well thats also a problem in my workflow. I have to guess which Samplefolder i will use because i cant preview the samples.

  2. Why is there a “load Samplepack” and load “Sample or Folder” mode? : not a problem tbh just wondering sometimes i am in the “wrong” loading menu and switching to the other takes a while.

  3. When loading a Samplepack the Midi Sync gets cut of. Not good for the flow.

  4. The Arranger takes to long for a nice workflow: i know first world problems. But after i realized that i cant record the tracks in Ableton without some Editing that takes to much time. I was thinking maybe i just can arrange on the play itself. But the copying of patterns take ages.

  5. No libary software and no way to load and edit the file and sample structure without putting out the SD card

  6. No way of exporting the Patternstems with all Variations. That would be great…if the Export is on time.

In general for me its difficult to get my ideas to Ableton or to Arranging them in Play.

What would also be great:

  1. Having a Genre folder system for Fills. This long lists takes ages to scroll. Also a Favorit system would be nice.

  2. Recording performance Mode on pattern. Would be epic.

  3. Some more effects and better sample editing. Not tooo important for me tbh

  4. Something like Elektron overbridge: because i need some Audioinputs for othe gear.

  5. Global Variationsmode (so we dont have to copy Variantions to each Pattern in Arranger)

That said this box keeps me making music and i love it like no other gear in my Studio.


I agree - a survey to help ID issues (perhaps in QA) might be useful. I’m sure most of us would be willing to participate.

Regarding my battery/cable issue… I’m not sure what it was about. I read someone else’s post where they described that using a different battery and cable helped, so I tried it, and that fixed my problems.

People… Instead of replying to what you feel is missing on the Play+, you need to create a wish for the features you would like to see on the Play+, that’s the way to inform Polyend, then they will be able to review your wish and answer if it’s feasible or not.

I’ve already logged a few, including one that’s been posted about already - A sample based synth engine, hopefully it gets the go ahead from Polyend and you can then vote for it.


Yhea I understand the organization part and taking the time to write a proposal underlines focus and respect.

But personally I find it both time consuming and in Current format scattered all over the place … it be much better both for organization and tact to just have one coherent thread with top user wishes…

The thread starter (hint hint icaria :wink: can have a pole/ graph on the first post that gets updated every few posts … And dismiss feature that have been cancelled in red

Just set a few ground rules or better script a header like index for wishes

System /Folders /Config/ etc …
Sequencer /Song /Patter/Variations/Fills/ etc…
Performance …
Sample’s …
Plugins …
UI/ workflow…
Offline …

And add commentaries only where needed… as in *

Like I have an idea for a few plugins.
Some listed are self-explanatory.

So I can quickly post to a a wishlist instead of opening up dozens of request tickets adding to the pole of popularity


  • Slice
  • Loop … icaria would edit this red/its been dismissed


  • Arp /Euclidian function
  • Play only selected section /bar


  • Drum synth

  • Chip tune /8bit synth

  • Chord synth *

  • wave table chord synth
    Similar engines= electron cycles \ synthtakt
    Additional features
    chord. Spread
    chord harmony
    Note detune each note in a chord within the note pitch range (microtonal /Hz)

That being said anyone feel like trading their Pplus for a Ensoniq DP4 (vintage FX /DaftPunk vocoder &FX) :kissing_heart:

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Its not exactly time consuming to knock up a post for a feature you’d like to see though? and as for being scattered everywhere, if you click on the categories and then select a tag e.g. wishlist–>Play, it brings up all the current wishes, there’s a declined tag, so you can see if a wish has already been declined previously due to whatever reason. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion though mate, I just don’t see the biggie in the current format.

As for your Ensoniq DP4 get it sold on Reverb and treat yourself to a Play+ :smiley:

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Going through a list of +100 specialized wishes is way more time efficient for the Polyend team, the Backstage moderators and most users willing to have their say than going through a discussion of +1000 posts.

The whole point of giving feedback is to be read and processed. If I “save” time by posting my feedback in a way that is barely read and processed, then I’m not saving time at all.

I believe one individual Wishlist vote has more impact than one average comment post.


Ok fair enough… personally I drop by most of the time via my mobile… and I have dozens of ideas which would accumulate in time consulting efforts vs writing lines in a growing thread (whereas one can be view what wishes are in play via 1st post/ pole)…

Not quite as simple as that /I am traveling around Europe via backpacking and my studio is in storage back home … I guess I can have someone put up most of it on Reverb but its a hassle vs just a trade straight up

… currently Im in Berlin if anyone is interested pm me :sunglasses::kissing_heart:

I woul love to see more extreme FX, more bitcrusing and more distortion. Very soft for me.its my only complain.

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I’m a big Fan of the Polyend Play+ and apart from all the main gripes mentioned below I feel the section for me that doesn’t really work well is the performance of effects.

It feels like and after thought. Perhaps there could be more allocation of effects and chaining them together for a specific row that could be baked into the sound and adjusted via the main knob. I don’t know I just feel that it could be better and would be more intuitive.

The other things I would like to see is a windows desktop app that deals with sample files and stems to keep things neat. Would also perhaps be good for bringing samples from tracker over. I dunno I want them to work better together somehow?

Perhaps bring out a mini mixer so that I can mix between the two and make a full set in the go.

Also I’m not sure why we are limited to 8 rows? Why not be able to scroll like Akai force? Is it a memory thing?

Last of all and kind of back to performance mode, why not have a more ”playful” interface when in that mode. The Yamaha Tenori-on is a perfect example of animated motions that can give some really cool random performances. The whole thing can become more experimental that way.

The main thing is to keep updating it. As long as we keep getting updates we all Feel the machines stays alive for the better.

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Perform is funny… I like it most of the time, until I press the wrong repeat/reverb/delay.

Which one did I mean to press? I’m not sure because they’re going to behave wildly different depending on the project. I guess the game is finding the right ones for your performance and being very careful if you choose to deviate.

8 rows is probably a memory thing. How would you scroll?

Are there other tracker + play combo users in this forum? I’m curious what that power-up feels like. My instinct is managing the two at the same time would be exhausting haha

I actually just sold my tracker because I capture samples in one or two other ways that work fine for my workflow, and I had no use for the tracker besides mic in and the sample editor. Maschine+ is awesome for samples and I’m sure Koala is as well, tho I’d like a simple macOS desktop app and I don’t think any are out there for straight up sample + chop + basic editing.

Yeah I guess scroll could work by just holding Shift button on one of the screen keys to activate, alternatively the main toggle wheel to then scroll the device. Alternatively you could just add it to the main menu.

Yeah I must admit my Tracker has collected dust. I think it will be sold. Sadly I just prefer a different kind of work flow.