A sample based synth engine for Play+/Tracker+/Mini

What is the problem?

The Play+ is currently unable to use single cycle waveforms (scw’s) on its audio tracks, as you cannot loop audio samples due to there being no sample editor on the Play.
Although the Tracker Mini & Tracker+ can use scw’s via it’s sampler, it’s synth shaping is basic.

What do you want to achieve?

Now that synth engines have been introduced to Play+/Tracker+/Mini, a sample based synth engine which accepts any .wav sample in a dual-oscillator architecture would be a great addition to the devices, imagine being able to use 2 different scw’s or samples in the synth engine and sculpting these via the synth engine filters, unison, envelopes, lfo, modulation matrix, it would not only extend the sound design possibilities in these devices but would also allow users to play their tonal samples polyphonically using the synth engines voice allocation.

Are there any workarounds?

Tracker+/Mini can use scw’s but you cannot play them polyphonically unless sacrificing multiple audio tracks.

You can currently use .wav samples on any of the audio tracks of Play+ but the sample can only be sequenced monophonically, and a sample is currently triggered on each active step, whereby the synth engine track you are able to set a step length for a sound to play over and also play polyphonic notes.

Any links to related discussions?

Can’t find any requests from searches, other than something similar being mentioned here

Any references to other products?

Synthstrom Deluge in partcular does this very well, but also the Elektron Digitakt/Octatrack, Polyend Tracker, MPC Live/One, NI Maschine, are all able to use both single cycle waveforms and samples as an instrument.


That’s a nice and well written wish :slight_smile:


Great idea! :facepunch: :star2:

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Updated to include the Tracker+/Mini devices now the synth engines are available on these.

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Love this idea!

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lovely idea, i would just vote for 3 oscillator architecture instead of 2 … third oscillator always good thing for use as suboscillator :slight_smile:


@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:


Awesome. Thanks.

Add to your votes folks :+1:

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