Polyend Play Plus biggest cons


This is not meant to be a bashing on Polyend Play… this is to help make the product stronger … so the title says it all…

What is the problem ? Cry your hearts out … :wink: this is the topic for it :wink:

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Users wanting more features and not playing more.

  1. no ‚class compliant’ usb audio
    2 usb audio not stable
  2. usb midi and audio are shared in one connector with the powering the unit.
  3. synths are menu controlled
  4. not enough choices of effects

Let me say this first: I’m a huge Polyend fan. No ill will here at all. I have the Tracker and Tracker Mini. But I recently bought the Play+.

To me, it felt like the firmware wasn’t very stable at all. I had a ton of glitches and freezes. So that was an issue for me because it was bad enough to where it made it hard to finish music.

Finally, my display was loose. I assumed it was damage or a manufacturing defect, so I returned it. Turns out it’s by design, which to me, I just didn’t like that something felt broken by design (to me).

So I’m really bummed, because otherwise I loved the box so much. The workflow is amazing. Yes, I wish it could chop samples, but I could live without that.

So i’ll wait for another major version I guess… once more time has passed to further stabilize the firmware. And I’d like to not have a loose display.