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Loops, demos, performances, tracks, amateur, pro… anything goes. The only requirement is to use a Polyend product, solo or combined. One creation per post. You can post many times but let others post in between, as in a good jam.

PS: we didn’t have critical mass for the “Best… of the Month” topics but maybe we try again later.

Latest track with fancy raytraced visuals

Hello, I just released an EP made completely on the Tracker. Grateful for any listens or feedback.

Mainly used drum and vocal samples and then made the rest of the sounds with single cycle waveforms and granular synthesis.

I used song mode to create the tracks and exported out direct from the box.

Big thanks to Aisjam and Stazma for the excellent YouTube content! I used this a ton when I first got my Tracker.

Been a couple months. So here’s something new from me.

Tracker sequences the entire thing. Play on the Drums. The Medusa for some nice Pads. And Poly 2 in the Eurorack on duty for the dirty Bass/Lead. Feel free to ask any questions :hugs:

I made an album using just the Tracker. It’s mostly IDM/Jungle/Ambient. And since tracker style music creation is ‘old’, i figured the perfect format would be minidisc. It’s limited to just 50 copies and is available to ship worldwide. Or you can just stream it on bandcamp.

Hello, this is my song created on Polyend Tracker while using it for the first time. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hi guys. Had the Play a couple of months, and finally produced something I’m fairly happy with.

Wish we had some LFO’s and more effects for the chords!

My last 3, soon to be 4th release is all made on a Polyend Tracker


My first tracker track upload.
I use the Tracker in tandem with Blofeld.

This was my first full song made entirely on tracker, without any external synths. Back in 2021.
Drill & bass/IDM.


10 musical images, an experimental journey composed with Polyend Tracker

You can download it for free on my Gumroad page!


Now these images are yours too!
With love .noir. :heart:


I’m excited about the new firmware!

Here is my Live Jam with Polyend Play. I hope you enjoy it.

Shuffle ambient scrambled eggs.

New song, sequenced on the Polyend Tracker for a friend’s album.