Share your tunes

Here is a track I created on the Tracker - Brighter Light Darker Shadow. Hope you enjoy it.

My first release, all tracks are made entirely on the tracker without post-processing

Ive never used a Tracker before until i bought Polyend Tracker a few days ago. Its so much freaking fun and pretty easy to get your head around

Hi :wave:. It’s me again :blush:. And i’ve had a lot of fun with this one:

Polyend Tracker & AE modular playdate

Shuffle ambient scrambled eggs.


Just released my second casette tape. It’s somewhere around lofi/jungle/hardcore/d&b :boom:

All songs are produced on tracker, keeping it old-school with Amen Breaks, Amiga sample packs, casette sampling, modular, analog drum machines, synths and more.

Get it for free on Bandcamp and buy the tape if you like it, it’s in three different colours :surfing_man:

Putting together a live session right now with the Tracker, Kaoss Pad 3 (for transitions) and Analog Heat, so much fun.

Here’s my first track using only the Play. Hope you enjoy it!

Finally got around to putting up my music on various platforms. Here’s my latest album produced on the tracker:

Hope you like it!

Just got my Tracker last week and I was so impressed by performance mode and the ideas that come with it… what a nice little machine ! Happy tracking yall

two Trackers and a Doepfer Dark Energy II.

Havin a mess around with the new 1.4 update for the Play. Massive fan of the new fill feature.

I made i first song using my new tracker mini.
Already owner of the OG tracker, the mini workflow is so intuitive I did not even RTFM :grin:

First experiences with Play.

This glitch techno track was created soley on the polyend tracker. The chopped vocals come from sampling some random radio conversation. Hope you dig it.

Invisible Fog by Karma Koza

Hi everyone, another small album recorded entirely on the tracker)

I only got my Tracker a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been a fun learning experience – I didn’t really think trackers were my sort of thing, but it turns out I was wrong.

This is still a rough draft, but I thought I’d share, because I liked it. I was listening to public radio, and a report on drumming cockatoos came up, so of course I knew I had to sample it. I’ve also been experimenting a lot with experimental approaches to timing – the underlying pattern is 37 steps long, and I programmed the rhythms in by ear for the most part, rather than trying to fit into a specific time signature. Anyhow, here’s a weird song about birds drumming.

(I know Google drive isn’t the most friction-less approach, sorry.)

I tend to get dubby with my tracker.

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