How to play a sample polyphonically without recording?

I know that when Live Recording is on I can play notes and record steps polyphonically. Polyphony is limited with a number of selected tracks.
But before recording I first need to come up with an idea and practice it. When live rec is off, only one note can be played at once, so it’s impossible to play chords/intervals/melody with overlapping notes, as with each new note sound of previously played notes is abrupted.
Am I missing something here?

Hello, Have you checked your “Polyphony” value and made sure it was higher than 1? Once you’ve set your voice allocation amount, with the unit stopped or running regardless of rec status, you should be able to play chords.

Hi, thank you for your reply.
I believe there is no polyphony setting for samples, only for synths?

Ah yes, apologies. Synths on the brain. I’ll submit this as a feature request, but currently you are limited to playing only one sample voice pre-recording. But it would be a nice feature to arm multiple tracks and play them over the same midi channel.

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Thank you! Much appreciated.