Allow polyphonic preview of notes with multiple tracks selected in sample patterns — before live recording

What is the problem?

When more than one track is selected in order to live record polyphony, one can’t audition chords until live recording is pressed.

What should this feature achieve?

Allow users to experiment with and practice a polyphonic musical idea before committing it to the tracks via “live record.”

Are there any workarounds?

Use the session save command prior to recording and the session restore command to cancel out the recording. This works well, but still adds a step and prevents more fluid experimentation / jamming before committing notes to steps.

Any links to related discussions?

This thread which didn’t seem to be opened up to voting.

Any references to other products?

I believe most (all?) polyphonic instruments allow you to preview polyphony before committing notes to steps.

Hey @albokemy, welcome to Backstage and thank you for a well formulated wish :blush:
Sorry this took a bit longer as your wish seems to have gotten lost, but i went digging and found it again :partying_face:

Thanks for resurfacing it! I’ve just been over here enjoying the Play+ since making this post (I couldn’t help it…I’ve already upgraded). Love it.

FWIW, I’ve since found that undoing while still in live record mode will clear the selected track(s) and let you rerecord without making you delete / reselect / go back to view mode. A slightly less cumbersome process. However, a slight bug: sometimes it undoes a couple steps and replaces a previous step sequence onto the tracks. Haven’t been able to recreate it consistently for a bug report.

What if you use the session save command prior to recording and the session restore command to cancel your recording out?

This is a great workaround. Thanks! Edited the wish with this.

@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

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