Polyend Play map mute solo etc

I have encountered a few problems, well obstacles in my workflow with the play. The Play allows use of midi and samples together, ideal, or should be. If you want to jump to the midi form the sample panel you have leave perform mode and so the nice little groove that you were performing and was locked is gone you the jump out of perform into audio mode then back to to midi and alter, that is a pain. I would like to be able to at least mute or solo a midi track without leaving perform mode using an external midi controler. Really I would like to fire different variations which would be super dope but maybe all of these ideas are impossible. I do use my play with AUM on the ipad and could could an Akai APC 40. Any work arounds you guys could suggest would be brill many thanks in advance.


I don’t think there is a shortcut right now, but there are some wishes that seem related to what you want to achieve, and they welcome votes:

Also, MIDI performance is coming and maybe that will address easier jumps between audio and MIDI performance – see Perform Feature Using Midi - #23 by icaria36.

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