Play + with OP-1 Field and WIDI Jack

Can anyone help me connect the OP1 keyboard to the Play + via a Widi Jack bluetooth midi device? I have the Widi connected to the OP1 and TRS out of the Widi into the Play. The Play is set to TRS midi in on channel one, the OP1 set to send midi out to channel 1. Yet no notes are triggered. I must be missing something obvious that i cant find in either manual. Can one of you kind souls help me out? I just want to play the notes on the Play with the OP1, should be simple, no? Enormous thanks to anyone that can help!

@marchellner , just making sure: on the Play, do you have Notes In set to MIDI in Jack?

Notes in Channel set to Omni can’t hurt either.

If this doesn’t work, the next thing I would do is to test the OP1 with something else to be sure that notes are getting out of that device and/or try a different synth / MIDI controller to see if you get notes into the Play.

If this doesn’t bring any information, then the next thing to look at is the WIDI connection, and try with a cable if possible at all.

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I was able to connect the WIDI (via BLE) to my Mac, then connect the OP1 to the Mac (via USB) and this way i am able to send midi notes from the OP1 into Ableton and then back out to the WIDI (via BLE). So, the device works and midi out works on the OP1. But the problem is that when connected over BLE the OP1 does not send midi to the WIDI. I know this has worked for others but I’m stumped. Thanks for your support- I really want this to work!

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Are you able to test with a MIDI cable, to be sure that it’s the WIDI and not something else?

Yeah, the OP1 sends BLE to my mac using LightBlue as well as sending midi to my Mac via the USB cable. The Play + receives midi fine from a corded Keystep. The problem seems to be the WIDI not receiving BLE from the OP1. This should be so easy, but alas…

Is this one of those MIDI type A / type B situations? How does the WIDI handle this?

Oddly enough, it works if you broadcast the BLE but don’t actually link the OP1F and Play +