TRS midi cable question

Hi, I want to connect my tracker to an empress zoia and I wonder if all I need is a trs 3.5mm cable of audio or it’s a specific trs cable for midi.
I have midi jack cables and I know how to connect via midi but I would like to know about a single trs cable without adapters. Thanks!

ZOIA is MIDI TRS A and Tracker is TRS B so a 3.5mm cable wouldn’t work between these 2 devices. TRS A sends MIDI info on the ring of the TRS cable and receives it on the tip and TRS - B is the inverse.
So TRS B devices will talk to each other with a 3.5mm TRS cable only if they are both TRS B.

So you would either need to use the MIDI dongles with a DIN MIDI cable between the two or you could use something like this -

Or you could make your own 3.5mm TRS A to TRS B cable by switching the ring and tip connections on once side if you are handy with a soldering iron. I don’t know anyone that sells these types of 3.5mm cables.


Thanks a lot. You have clarified my ideas. If, for example, Zoia were MIDI TRS B type… Could a normal TRS audio cable be used?.. I’ve always called them, I don’t know if wrongly, stereo cables…

Yes if they were both Type B it would work, for example I have a 3.5mm stereo cable from the Play MIDI output to the Tracker right now. TRS A and B are important for the DIN midi adapter but any stereo cable would work with two TRS A or two TRS B devices.


Thank you very much for the answer

No problem, it can be a confusing subject so happy to answer any other questions on it!