What type of 3,5mm jack to MIDI DIN TRS adapter Polyend Play use?

The Polyend Play needs a 3,5mm jack to MIDI DIN TRS type B adapter. It’s included in the kit. But if you’d need another one, that’s what you need.

It’s available on Polyend webstore


As shown by Polyend Boss :slight_smile: in a Youtube video, you can use a simple 3.5 STEREO audio cable to connect a Tracker and Play. It works.


Just to clarify what @acaposotta said.

Yes, you can use a regular 3.5mm stereo cable. A TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) cable essentially is a balanced cable that can carry stereo signals.

Here’s the important bit though: Both devices need to use the same MIDI TRS Standard.
Polyend devices use TRS Type B.


  • Connecting a TRS Type B Device to another TRS Type B Device will work without any issues.

    • Example: Play connected to Tracker.
  • If the other device is a TRS Type A device, you will need a TRS Type A to Type B Adapter
    (or vice versa, they are the same).

Hope this helps in clearing up all the MIDI TRS confusions :laughing:

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