Play+: USB Sample/File management

This wish requests File Transfer/Management via USB, either through conventional means or through a dedicated Software.

What is the problem?

Can’t load and manage samples on the SD Card without removing the SD Card and using a SD Card Reader.

What do you want to achieve?

Load and manage samples for Polyend Play+ through software or via USB instead of having to remove the SD Card. Would be great if the Play can act as the card reader.

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

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Any references to other products?

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Hi @Reno , welcome to Backstage. Can you explain what do you mean “through software”? Software on the device or on your computer? There are several sample management applications, and this is why I’m asking.

The way i understand it, is that this is clearly a wish for USB File Transfer (MTP), similar to what has been requested for the Tracker Mini.


Hi there!

I mean using a software on my computer to manage and load samples onto my Polyend Play without the need of taking the SD card out of it and going copying/pasting or creating folders to manage the samples libraries on the device.

That way it would be also nice to be able to tag sounds and have an organized sample pool.

By the way, I am receiving my Polyend Play+ soon and was wondering if there is an official video onto this matter so I can learn how to manage the sample pool right now in the device.


I’ve taken the liberty to update your description. I hope that reflects your intentions :blush:

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Sure, thank you

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this would be great. drag & drop.

it would also allow you use your laptop / phone as a mic to record samples and quickly drag them across to the play+

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This external app from Teenage Engineering is exactly what I think it would be amazing to have for Polyend Play sample management

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If it’s done, I hope it’s simply implemented as file transfer over USB. Dedicated apps often leave us Linux users in the cold :cry:


Will this become an officlal wishlist item so we can vote it up?

Personally I am surprised that this isn’t standard…

I presumed file management was done via computer host …

having to physically take out the card and all its belonging tails is way to backwards…

Should be high priority imo


With something like this we could make sound packs to be exported or they can even sell soundpacks too.

I asked for this feature at support before and been told that they are a small company and creating extra software from the ground up would take forever while already building other future products and maintaining the ones they already have so sadly I don’t expect too much about it.

By the way, is there any place where users share sample folders or packs to be placed directly on the Plays SD card?

We don’t need extra software. We just need the devices to (also) show up as USB storage when connected to a computer.


Have you checked Scene ?

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This … I have devices that are running 1st generation USB that when connected not only show up as Disks but everything connected shows up as disk, be it cards, usb keys, CD drive or 2ndary HDs …

So what is the reason for this not working on a morden instrument via USB3?


Didn’t know about this, thanks

Another example of software to access new sound packs, manage your sound content, customise your device and stay up-to-date with the latest firmware is the “Components” of Novation. Could be GREAT if Polyend make something similar for the Play/Play+ :slight_smile:

@here Thanks for your contribution, the wish is now ready for voting! :slight_smile:

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This definitely gets a vote from me.

I use the Play sample packs feature alot and trying to create a pack which fits within the file size limit is a bit trial and error sometimes when creating a folder on the computer, e.g. when you try to load it on the Play and you get the ‘memory exceeded’ message, you then have to take the SD card back out, try removing some files or editing some files, try again and then you might still be hitting the limit so have to repeat this again.

It would be extremely helpful if there some sort of Play sample pack app, which displayed the memory limit and as you dragged files into the app you would be able to see directly how much memory you had to fill, it would make creating sample packs easier for the Play.