USB File Transfer

It would be most excellent if the tracker was able to do file transfer and related tasks over USB.
This feature used to exist but was disabled due to reliability issues.

What is the problem?

The user must power down the tracker, remove the (tiny and fragile) memory card, insert it in a reader, plug it into the computer in order to transfer files, delete or move things around. The user must also remember to unmount the memory card in order to reduce the risk of corrupting data.

What do you want to achieve?

The tracker has a USB port and used to support MTP. It would be great to be able to connect it to a computer and copy, rename, move, delete files.

Are there any workarounds?

Yes: Power down the tracker, take the memory card out and put it in a reader. Connect that reader to a computer. Do the file access tasks. Unmount the reader. Remove the reader from computer. Remove memory card from the reader. Put memory card in tracker. Power up tracker.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


i took the liberty to update your wish with some additional information. This was a feature that existed previously but was causing issues.

Nice! Thank you. This is not a dealbreaker, but would be a QOL improvement.

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This would still be great as I find it to be the greatest omission on the Tracker.
Fiddling with the SD card and reader every time will not only wear out the card slot, but also is just rather annoying.

Instead of MTP, a more regular USB MSC (mass-storage) mode would be preferable, where it just shows up as an SD card reader.

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Hi @herb_nice , thanks for contributing the wish. We are sorry to reject this but we had to abandon this feature due to technical issues we were having. Because Tracker Mini has more powerful hardware, we might reconsider introducing this feature for that product. Thanks for the reminder that it is important for the community.

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I disagree that the hardware is unable to do this. During the transfer, all CPU and memory resources can be used for USB communication, so that should make no difference.

After some research, I must admit though that the amount of work required to support in on this platform would be quite high, so I do see why Polyend does not want to address it.

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