Play+ sample memory expansion

I can’t find any information regarding this, but I’m assuming the Play+ has the same hardware as the recently released Tracker+? Does the Play+ also have the memory expansion as the Tracker+ received, because the Play+ supports up to 6min mono samples which is the same as the OG Play and I’d have thought the sample pool capacity would have increased?

According to the Play+ manual:

The sample pool capacity will depend on the type
files stored but is typically 6 Mins with 16-Bit, 44.1kHz Mono WAV’s and 3
mins for Stereo. Lower sample rates will occupy less memory but will also
have lower sound quality. A project holds a maximum of 255 samples.

Yeah I’ve read that, it’s the same as the OG Play, but I’m just trying to find out if the Play+ has the same memory expansion as the Tracker+, which may lead to an increase in the sample memory in a future update? Especially now stereo samples are supported and the sample memory has not changed since the OG.

The reason I ask is that some of the Palettes soundpacks that are being released with stereo samples do not fit the sample pool of the Play+, e.g. Dark Matter. It has 113 one shot samples at 44.1 kHz, 24 bit, Stereo, it also comes with a folder of 16 bit mono samples which are able to be loaded, but when loading the 16 bit stereo samples it runs out of memory.

Yeah we can reduce the samples to 32khz, which I do for some samples, but for sample packs which are being sold and advertised for Polyend devices, I would expect them to fit the Play+ sample pool without further editing.

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I believe, it has the same amount of memory. 6 minutes mono vs 3 minutes stereo should mean something. I don’t have it, but it seems to me, basically it’s the same device with minor firmware changes. The synths’ part of it could be big, but considering how it’s implemented, I’d better went for the plus version if some of the wishes were implemented (many of which were highly upvoted):

  • Recording automation for the Performance Mode, because even PO-33 has it and it’s fun. I wonder, is it really that hard or heavy for the unit processing wise to record the button presses to the grid? The OG Play wish was closed because, yeah, it was said it’s hard to process, but the Play+ wish was closed, because:

or at least:


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Could always do the pitch trick … sounds lovely on a TE KO2 … pitched a whole octive… crunchy and lofi😎

Id be curious to hear how the Play pitch trick sounds if you can give it a shoot… thx! :wink:

Id also suggest this as an auto feature in a sample editor :kissing_heart: just a little script… so you could hashtag (a batch) of samples that be automatically resampled at 1oct up (or user definable) setting and yet be loaded into memory pitched an octive down as orginal pitch so the user would not have to repitch the samples every time … :loud_sound:

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