Play+ knob sensitivity: parameter values change without touching

Compared to the Play the new Play+ is really sensitive. I assume there is no way to dial that up and down it is either on or off. Any one else feel that the touch is sensitive?

not got my Play+ yet, so can’t say, but I always turned that feature off on the OG Play, as I found them sensitive on that one too.

See/vote Avoid accidental parameter switches by touching knobs .

If it could help: I can’t feel this augmented sensitivity. I feel the Play+ identical to the OG.

Should touch be off?

I’m not quite sure i understand the problem?

  • When Knob Double Tap is On, the expected behaviour is that each knob will cycle through the two parameters assigned to it.
  • When Knob Double Tap is Off, it will still show the two parameters assigned to each knob, but it won’t cycle through the two parameters.

This is exactly what should happen. Turning off the Double Tap only stops the cycling between the two parameters. In both modes you can switch between the parameters by using the Buttons/Keys on the left of the screen.

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Funny, went back to my play, and I guess it is just the way I am using the Play+ the touch feel more noticeable. It is like I mentioned in the other thread. I feel like it is more sensitive. Weird…

My knob randomly turns even without touching it :eyes:

Anyone else have this issue?

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My knobs behave totally inconsistently, even with the new beta firmware: . Is this a hardware issue?

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One thing is “really sensitive” (touch triggers an action and the action is correct) and another thing is wrong behavior (touch triggers unintended flickering options). The latter is a Bug . If you are experiencing this flickering problem, can you report it as a bug, please?

+1, made a seperate post. Just flickers between the two states when one is held.

I’ve just started experiencing a more erratic version of this with my Play+, on the Sample Start encoder. It also randomly changes direction when you’re turning it. I opened a support ticket and I’m assuming it’s a hardware problem, because it doesn’t happen with any of the other encoders.

@here, after a discussion with the tech crew we realized there are two separate issues.

One, that @austin.pray linked here, when knobs change their values without touching, has a pretty simple explanation and a way to fix it. The faulty encoders may be touching the metal chassis of the Play+.
All you have to do is to try to move them up and down and left/right to bend them a little (carefully :wink: ). I had the same issue with my Play+ and it solved it perfectly. I don’t have to set my Knob Double Tap: Off anymore.

Unfortunately, the second one, posted by @asciimoo and @alxzndr, about flickering between the two states when a knob is held is still a mystery, and we are currently working on it.

I will post any updates here: Flickering touch-knobs in play+

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Updated title of both bug reports to reflect this.

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