Pattern-View: Queuing Patterns via Pads

In Pattern Mode/View it is currently possible to switch patterns when holding the Pattern Screen-Key in three different ways:

  • Pressing a Pad - which will immediately switch pattern
  • Pressing Arrow Up / Down - which will immediately switch the pattern
  • Pressing Arrow Left / Right - which will queue a pattern to be played once the current pattern finishes.

This wish proposes the addition of a fourth way, that would allow queuing pattern when using the pads.

What is the problem?

There is currently no way to use the Pads to queue a pattern. This would be helpful to make quick, large pattern jumps, instead of having to go trigger happy on the arrow keys.

What do you want to achieve?

By default these are the commands above the screen-keys.

Once you press the Pattern Button and hold it, it could/ideally turns into this:

Then one could hold the Add to Queue button and just hit the pad for the pattern you want to queue. This would be an extremely fast way to queue patterns that are far removed from one another.

Are there any workarounds?

Yes. Smashing Arrow Left / Right and hoping you are fast enough.

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

Polyend Play: variation page. You can press parts in a scene or you can press and hold the encoder to have the scene change queued.

I did a very minimal clean-up of your draft just to keep the template format with the template questions bold and your input non-bold. Hope that’s ok.

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Question! There are already a couple similar wishes:

Do you feel like you could behind one of the existing wishes? Or do you think this one warrants to stand on its own? If so, could you rewrite your wish to take into account the differences between the existing wishes?

Thankies! :blush:

Nope, perfectly fine. Was hoping someone would clean the wish up a little.

Hey. I read these other wishes and I do see the similarities. I am taking some time to mentally map how my ask could be incorporated into these other entries before deciding to rewrite or delete. I hope that’s okay.

My initial thoughts were to just easily trigger a big pattern jump with the pads, but then thought, if you could specify the number of play throughs before the switch, it would give you some time to jump into performance mode and do a cool fill just as the new pattern ticks over. So in that way, my wish is similar.

Both of wishes listed are very focused on switching patterns in performance mode which is a whole different beast.

Even if it were possible to see all of your available patterns and make a large quantized pattern change in performance mode, it would mean I’d have to enter performance mode every time I wanted to do that type of pattern change. I’m not sure I want that feature only in performance mode. However, if it was, I’d use it.

I feel my ask is different. Not all jamming/performing takes place in performance mode so I’m hesitant to combine my ideas with the two listed above, but you’re the mod. What do you think?

Live or die by the vote.

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I’ve had another read. By quantized… i think you mean queued? So that when the active pattern finishes that it then switches to the selected/new pattern?

I think it could be possible to actually do this without the need for the Shift modifier. Holding the Pattern Pad for… let’s say 2 seconds, could put the pattern into queue as well i suppose.

Another thing that would help organizing patterns would probably be a way to swap pattern indexes. A way to say that for example Pattern 3 and 5 should switch places.

Currently something similar could be done (with a bit more work of course), by abusing song mode to copy/paste info between patterns.

Yeah, I do think queued more accurately describes the behaviour I’m trying to explain. I’ll go back and edit the post for better clarity.

I can’t edit the title to say large queued pattern jumps. Maybe a moderator can do it.

Title has been edited. :muscle:

Also - what do you think of this:

Could also just be 1 second i suppose, just a longer press & hold to make sure the intent is to “queue” the pattern instead of instantly switching

To be honest, something simple like long press is attractive, but I think that gets in the way of the instant feature which is awesome in its own right. I’m not sure how you could have both without the shift key.

I’m a super fan of instant pattern transitions because you can make up new arrangements on the fly.

Losing that feature for the sake of another one isn’t a great prospect.

I’m just trying to think of a more practical, less hand acrobatics kinda-way to achieve this :laughing:

Pressing the Pattern Soft-Key under the Screen AND the Shift key to the right AND then the appropriate Pad on the Grid seems kind of … a lot, no? :laughing:

I just had another idea. :bulb:

The one press that we need and has to remain is the Soft-key that you need to press and hold for Pattern yes? If that is done, we could use the Soft-Key next to it as a modifier. That leaves the entire right hand free to choose a pad.

Let me explain:

By default these are the commands above the buttons right?

Once you press the Pattern Button and Hold it, it could/ideally turns into this:

Then you could hold the button next to it and THEN just hit the pad for the pattern you want to queue.

How’s that?

That’s brilliant! Much easier than holding shift. How do I make that the official wish?

Should I rewrite the wish so users can vote on the updated idea?

Pie in the sky idea:
Use encoder to set the length of the queue. Maybe see a number in that third slot. Something sticky so you wouldn’t have to set that every time. I understand if that’s too tricky though and I don’t want to derail the core wish.

I think that could be either queuing the next pattern or just keep adding to a queue. Both should be possible. The latter would even be preferable i suppose :laughing:

You can just edit the initial wish, there should be an edit button. Once that is done i’ll send this wish in for review by Polyend. Once and if this gets approved, voting will then commence :muscle:

Let me know if you have time to rewrite the initial wish, else i will do it, in the coming days.

I’ve updated the description/title of this wish with the results of our brainstorming.

If anyone has anything else to add or any suggestions - please share! :heart:

Ah shoot, I’ve been trying to find the time but I know I’m dragging my feet.

If you find time to do the rewrite before me I don’t mind. As an added bonus, it’ll be in the correct and preferred format if you do it.

Oh nice, you re-did it. Thank you.

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@here, Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:

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