Improve immediate pattern switching behaviour in Performance mode

Improved pattern switching in Performance mode, when attempting to immediately switch to a different pattern that is not adjacent.

What is the problem?

When you instantly change patterns in performance mode, you can hear the audio for the new pattern immediately as well. This is great if you want to jump from one adjacent pattern to the next. For example: from Pattern 1 to Pattern 2

But when you want to switch to a further away pattern - let’s say from pattern 1 to pattern 5 - you may end up with garbled audio, since you cross multiple patterns but the audio is already audible.

What do you want to achieve?

Allow moving to further away patterns, without the currently active audio changing until the corresponding Screen keys are released.

This change would only affect the immediate pattern switching, not the queuing of patterns.

Since people might prefer the current way of immediate switching, maybe add a setting in the options to switch between the two modes.

Are there any workarounds?

Be super fast and synchronoused with tempo :wink:

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Hey @pitmast , i’m having a bit of a hard time to understand what you are trying to achieve here.

  • What do you mean exactly with sequential and immediate pattern change?
  • Do you mean chaining another pattern, so that it plays after the current pattern is done?

Because that is already possible by pressing and holding one or more Track Buttons and pressing Arrow Left or Arrow Right. This will queue the next pattern and play it once the current pattern is done.

Hi Sandroid

The immediate change of pattern can be achieved by pressing Arrow Up or Arrow Down or moving a jog-wheel.
It happened immediate before Track button/s release. So you can hear a mess moving jog-wheel or pressing arrows up and down before you set the right pattern. Would be perfect to achieve pattern change only after Track button/s release.

And the second idea of sequential pattern change by jog-wheel can be abandoned. The synchronization of immediate pattern change by button release will be enough.


Aha! I think i get it now. :bulb:

So you want to be able to change immediately, but only after releasing the Track Button(s).
In order to not hear parts of the patterns you are scrolling through, to reach the pattern you actually seek.

Did i get it right?

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Yes, yes!

This is obvious, you agree with me I believe :slight_smile:
BTW, The same regarding Pattern view, not only Performance view.

Alright, i’ve updated the description of your wish to be a bit more detailed and descriptive. I hope i got it right. If not, feel free to edit it once more.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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@pitmast thanks for contributing! The wish is ready for voting :slight_smile:


This a good one , sandroid kindly pointed me toward it after creating a similar wish. Just wanted to check that the switching to a different pattern would be possible at the end of the current playing step, as well as automatically if so wished… ?!