Ability to make all tracks switch patterns with a single shortcut in performance mode

What is the problem?

As it is now set up, the Tracker can progress by pattern, in performance mode, only with the command Track Key + Arrows and you have to give it for each single track. If you have to advance 8 tracks to the next pattern, you have to do the command twice (using 4 fingers at a time). From a live performance point of view, it is not very comfortable and above all it has a high margin of error

What do you want to achieve?

It would be handy if you could advance to the next (or previous) pattern all the tracks at the same time via a single shortcut (which could be Shift+Arrows, latch and momentary) or, (but in this case I think the implementation could be more complex) using the matrix in the performance mode as a sort of clip launcher.

In this way, by assigning, let’s say, 3 fx slots in performance mode and assigning a pattern to each pad, we can have a grid of 9 patterns to switch directly on the grid. In addition to the specific pattern number, “forward and reverse” controls could be made available if a “linear” performance in terms of pattern increment/decrement is desired

In such a situation there should be a specific effect to assign to a slot. The transport controls for pattern advance should be latched to this effect. Therefore, the number of a specific pattern or simply the progression command could be assigned to each of the 3 corresponding pads.

The result should be that through the shortcuts, or through the pads, the pattern can progress all together with a single touch, and above all being able to use only one hand, which is essential during live performances

This would make a huge difference to using performance mode in Tracker

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


@here Thanks for the wish. While you wait for voting and implementation, we suggest a quick workaround: you can hold 4 tracks using 4 fingers and make a switch and then another 4 and switch. It’s not ideal but works quick enough! Try it and let us know what you think. Cheers, wish is ready for voting :wink:


Hi! Thanks for the suggestion, it’s the exact method I use :slight_smile: and yes, it works, but sometimes it went wrong, maybe some tracks did not switch (mainly because human fault) , or unlighted, so, high rate of error with this method, but, right now it’s the only one :slight_smile: Thanks!:heart:

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