Mini Note Insert

I propose some updates to note entering on the mini. Holding note and moving up and down works fine but I’d like to auto preview the notes as I move across them so I can hear the note without pressing a button so I know which one I want to want to place.

Added bonus would be:
Multi select and then insert, spread with step jump count

Scale locking like an MPC or Koala. Select a scale and key the note grid shows only those notes

Using the black buttons (same ones we use for: fill jump step etc) could do some cool things:

Random selections of notes for multi insert,

Side note there is a bug that shows the tracker footer after you use the small button to select a note. Preview button only plays what is selected behind the note screen. Not a big deal but thought I’d mention it.

What is the problem?

The speed and steps to enter notes could be improved on the mini

What do you want to achieve?

Auto play the sound as I move across the notes screen

Are there any workarounds?

You can press the button to hear it

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?


Hey @sramey , did you see the following two wishes?

Could you specify in what way your request differs from those two accepted wishes? :blush:
Make sure to update your wish to take those two into account. :heart:

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