MIDI note length - infinite

To set the length of a MIDI note to infinite.

What is the problem?

Some users would like the ability to set MIDI notes or chords to infinite length in their tracks.
It should play from the moment it’s triggered until the playback stops, a pattern or variation is changed or another note is triggered on the same MIDI track.

What do you want to achieve?

This would be useful for self evolving pads/drones or steady sub-bass lines for example.

Are there any workarounds?

None - the note length knob goes only up to the length of 64.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

The Novation Circuit Tracks has that feature.


Yes, I wanted to file the exact same feature request. This is a must for ever evolving drones.

If you go into custom reverb and mess with the settings you can make the reverb bugged, or a feature depending upon how you feel about it, where it does this for you. One of the settings when it’s set to around 90-100% of max results in what seemed like infinite sounds. Probably could use that to get what you want here.

Won’t work with MIDI.

Hey hey @sheynkler87 , thanks for your wish. May i ask you to update your wish description based on our wish guidelines? Most specifically we are trying to remove any first-person views / language from wishes, since you are crafting a community wish and not a personal wish :wink:

Thanks :heart:

Hi, sure thing!
Aren’t you lucky, I’m a actual IT product owner :joy:


I should shame you then for not doing it right in the first place!! :joy:

( i’m a software dev :wink: )

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No money - no honey :money_mouth_face:

ooops, got too excited didn’t read properly!

Nice idea! And additionally a note off event!


Good catch @ambivalence , thank you!

@sheynkler87 it looks like there is already an existing wish for the exact same thing (see post above). I suggest you go vote on that one and we close this one as a duplicate :blush: (unless you see something is different and warrants keeping this one around).

Hey-hey, sure. Let’s close this one as duplicate then.


Closing this Wish as agreed, since it is a duplicate of the following:

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