MIDI control over Perform mode

What is the problem?

Perform mode is very capable when you can play with your fingers, but what if you have other gear you need to play as well? Perform mode lacks the possibility to be automated with 3rd party controllers and DAWs, introduce LFOs or manipulate parameters with expression pedals of all sorts.

What do you want to achieve?

It would be great to have MIDI features for Perform mode, so the player could trigger any effect live with external midi gear (i.e. a midi controller with footswitches like MorningStar MC8 or any other).

Considering the fact that any of the perform features need to have some tracks to be selected, it would be great having midi menu allowing to choose unused CC values and map them globally or per project. For example, user could choose CC 90, choose tracks (single or multiple) and then choose the perform effect (equivalent to any of the 128 pads in the perform view). Sending CC value equal to 1 would enable the effect, 0 would disable it. This could be used with on press / on release functionality of other midi controllers.

The same idea is discussed here.

Are there any workarounds?

Building a physical robot to press Play’s buttons

Any links to related discussions?


We don’t know, and this is not an essential part of the description of this wish. I suggest we remove it.

Here I got lost. The request about being able to interact with Perform mode via MIDI is clear. But here you seem to be talking about additional things?

Pitch can be changed already with the current effects. Is this something different? Again, I suggest to keep the requests focused. It makes them easier to understand, discuss, and eventually implement.

In some/most cases “perform” mode could be treated as a bunch of fast accessible presets for the knobs. And while it’s a core part of the wish to control those pads remotely, the ability to control all the knobs by themselves via midi is also crucial (a lot more flexible). If it’s already there, maybe I missed something, my wrong! But as far as I remember it was told previously here in our discussions that Play doesn’t have its own dedicated midi channel for now.


does it require anything else?

I have removed details that were not directly related to Midi control over Perform mode. I’m pasting this here as a comment so it doesn’t get lost.

@here let’s vote! :slight_smile:


Would this feature mean that… right now the pads don’t send any MIDI data when pressed, but with this wish they would send notes, CC, or something?

Just thinking what would it take on the Polyend Play side to launch clips on a DAW – see The Bitwig corner - #7 by icaria36.

of course, I have no idea how this wish was interpreted or how it will be implemented, but originally this feature had nothing to do with Play controlling other devices / sending messages. It was about receiving them in order to control its performance features.

however, using Play with all its pads as a controller is a feature that many would love to have and I guess it deserves a separate wish. for example, I’d love to use it with monome norns, because monome grid is kinda barebones thing that costs just too much for what it does.

Ah, yes, you are right. Yesterday I must have been overexcited / distracted with the Mini rumors and discussions. I’ll wait a few days and create a wish if the urge is still there. :slight_smile:

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