Is there a way to set up loop points on one individual track while other tracks play thru the sequence?

Hi everyone,
pretty new to The Tracker and tracker’s in general and this method of music creation really hits the spot for me. It’s easy to have the Tracker do the things i would struggle to try and do on other devices and I love it.

Anyway, my question is in the title- can you set up a loop of defined notes/length in a single track while the rest of the tracks play thru the macro sequence?

This would be really cool to use in a performance. Speaking of performing I am familiar with the loop/repeat function that lives on the performance window, which is great, but what I am imagining would take place on the record/play screen and allow a user to set exact start and stop points as marked by the user with a play length specific to a user’s whims. Greedily, it would be really cool if more than one track could be looped, independent of each other and independent of the macro sequence length.

lastly- somewhat related- can an individual track be set to an alternative tempo to the other tracks? I love that Tempo is an FX to be placed at any given point within a sequence - love it- is there a way to make polyrhythms ?

thank you!